Disney Holding Worldwide, Online Auditions for Disney Cruises “Aladdin” Show

By | July 20, 2022

Disney Cruises is holding auditions for lead characters in their major shows, Aladdin and Ariel.

The auditions are for the live shows that are performed at sea on their amazing cruise ships that travel around the world. If you are a performer who would love a chance to travel the world and get paid to do so while doing what you love…performing, read on.  The Disney company puts on shows worldwide across many venues and media forms, everything from Disney movies to live shows at their world renowned parks.

Disney Cruise Line Submissions for Aladdin and Ariel; Mainstage Actors Who Sing Well

Disney Cruise Line holding video auditions worldwide for performers and singers to join their shows “Aladdin” and “Ariel” which are performed worldwide, at sea.  The shows are currently holding an online open call for singers to join the cast.

Disney Signature Experiences & Disney Cruise Line is accepting submissions for the Mainstage roles of Aladdin and Ariel. Disney takes pride in the art of theatrical storytelling, producing the highest caliber entertainment at sea. Seeking mainstage actor/singer roles who sing well.

Rehearsals are in Toronto, Canada and will range from two to three months and then will continue for a crossover period aboard the designated ship to which the contract is assigned. The performance portion of the contract can be up to six months long.

Contract includes competitive pay, travel, room and board – single performance cabin, guest sailing privileges, significant contract completion bonus and some guest dining privileges.


Aladdin: 25-35 years old, male; all ethnicities male; 5’10”, baritone/tenor; lead; strongly grounded actor and singer; great charisma, good physique, must have a strong core; charming and appealing, clever; the actor will portray other roles within the repertory.

Ariel: 20-29; Black female; youthful naiveté; 5’2″-5’5″. Strong actor, strong mix; the actor will portray other roles within the repertory.

Please prepare the following by using the following link (There are pdf of side and MP3 of Plunk Accompaniment):

see https://jobs.disneycareers.com/auditions

Aladdin: Disney’s Aladdin, A Musical Spectacular

Ariel: Little Mermaid


This is an online process which will require you to create an account on the Disney Audition webpage.

Visit Checkin.DisneyAuditions.com.
Click on audition titled “Disney Cruise Line® Submissions for Aladdin and Ariel; Mainstage Actors Who Sing Well”.
Take your selfie to complete the check-in process.
Please only submit yourself once.

Submissions will be accepted through July 22, 2022; 5PM Eastern Time.


If cast, performers will be hired as crew and must complete all application, pre-employment, and onboarding requirements.
Performers will be considered Crew Members while working onboard.
Must be willing to comply with all Disney grooming guidelines and employment standards.
This role requires a clean-shaven face.
All performers must be at least 18 years of age.
All performers must be fluent in English (understanding, speaking, and writing).
Travel is required.

We strongly encourage performers from all cultural backgrounds to submit.

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