New Sony TV Show Holding Open Online Auditions for Principal Roles, Indian Actors


Location: Canada, Nationwide

Type: TV Pilots

Searching for Indian Actors for leading roles in a
Sony Pictures Television comedy series!
Series shoots from September through November 2022 in Toronto
No acting experience required!
This will be a Zone A vax mandated production.

SUDHA: East Indian Woman, in her 40s. intelligent and self-assured, she is the matriarch of the family. An accredited surgeon & over-achiever who expects her children to be the same, she’s not afraid to give you her opinion because she knows it’s better than your ‘stupid’ opinion. Having moved from India to Pittsburgh on very short notice,
everything she knows about America she learned from watching bad TV. She’s convinced she has moved to a land teeming with homicidal maniacs and racists. Non-binary & transgender actors encouraged to submit.

MAHESH: East Indian Man, in his 40s. Affable and risk-averse, he is the patriarch of the family. A people-pleaser who uprooted his family for a job opportunity, he’s the type who’s smilingly convinced all will turn out well in the world. His glass-half-full outlook often leads to lost debates against his pessimist spouse whom he loves dearly. Nonbinary & transgender actors encouraged to submit.

BHANU: East Indian Girl, 17 to 19 years old. Troublingly independent. She’s at the age where her mother’s wise precautions and stringent rules seem like exercises in sadism or hyperbole, or both. Having moved from India to Pittsburgh on very short notice, she uses the opportunity to get out from under her mother’s thumb (which she feels is surgically attached to her neck) and her first celebration of independence is to get grindingly romantic with their inappropriate neighbor, Stu. Role involves moments of adolescent sexuality. Non-binary & transgender actors encouraged to submit.

KAMAL: East Indian Boy, 14 to 16 years old. Introverted and co-dependent, Kamal is an epic mama’s boy. He has anxieties and phobias for which his mom gives him medication. He loves rules and thinks narcs are just heroes who tell the truth. In his own way, he has the harshest reaction to America. Tired of being misnamed “Camel,” he
withdraws deeper and deeper into himself until he simply declines to speak to or associate with anybody.
Role involves moments of adolescent sexuality. Non-binary & transgender actors encouraged to submit.

VINOD: East Indian Boy, 11 to 13 years old. He’s cute and optimistic but completely naive. He loves all things
American but his way of dealing with school bullies comes from his adoration of Gandhi, so he tries pacifism (which
doesn’t always work). Non-binary & transgender actors encouraged to submit.

Please see flyer provided for the role information!

To audition, select a role from the list below & visit the following link for self-tape instructions:

It is always FREE to submit an audition for this opportunity!
If you encounter issues contact Castit support:
We must receive your audition by Monday, August 1st to be considered!

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Canada
Please submit to: by 2022-08-05
Sides & Instructions available in the link provided on the flyer

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