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Performers for Camp Half Blood Outdoor Immersive Children’s Theatre


Type: Theater

Camp Half Blood is seeking performers to play larger than life mythological characters set in the modern-day, not far from the Percy Jackson universe (think Hermes in running shorts instead of a toga). Each week you could be a God, a Hero, a Villain, a Monster, a Nymph, an Oracle, or a combination of these. Everyone must feel comfortable engaging groups of kids, ages 6-12, in improvised in-character dialogue and LARP, or boffer-style, combat (with safe foam weapons) in an outdoor environment on Quest Day, a once-a-week full-day adventure. The ensemble will consist of a team of actors who collaborate with a Quest Director to bring each storyline to life for their particular camp location. Actors will portray other core roles throughout the season as part of the ensemble. The roles and camp season length will depend on location.

Various Mythological Characters / Ensemble: Multiple characters from different pantheons.

Anansi / Ensemble : West African Trickster Spider God, Black

Nana Buluku / Ensemble : West African Creation Goddess, Black

Kai / Ensemble Descendant of Polynesian Demigod Maui, Pacific Islander, Asian/Asian-American, Mixed AAPI

Cam / Ensemble: Demigod descendant pf Mayan Bat-God Camazotz, Mexican American, Mesoamerican, Latino, Latinx, Mixed Mesoamerican or Latinx

Houyi / Ensemble : Chinese Demigod Archer, Chinese, Male

Ching Shih / Ensemble : Chinese Pirate Captain, Chinese, Female

Khonsuemheb / Ensemble : Main Protagonist of Ancient Egyptian Ghost Story, Egyptian/Egyptian-American, Black, African/African-American, Middle Eastern Male

Naunet / Ensemble : Egyptian Water Goddess, Egyptian/Egyptian-American, Black, African/African-American, Middle Eastern

Twosret / Ensemble : Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Egyptian/Egyptian-American, Black, African/African-American, Middle Eastern, Female

Pay is 16/hour

Locations In: Brooklyn, NY | Manhattan, NY | Queens, NY | Staten Island, NY | Inwood, NY | Maplewood, NJ | Philadelphia, PA | Washington D.C | Richmond, VA | Raleigh, NC | San Francisco, CA | Los Angeles, CA

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Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: NATIONWIDE
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