Rush Call for TV Church’s Chicken Commercial Casting Skateboarders in San Antonio Texas

Vicky Boone Casting is seeking experienced skateboarders for a Church’s Chicken commercial.

SKATEBOARDERS: 18 to 25 years old, all ethnicities male or female. Looking for experienced skateboarders. No dietary restrictions (might eat meat on set). Approachable and energetic. Authentic, everyday people with clean, well-manicured hands and no large/visible tattoos. OCP

Run or Usage: One (1) Year, Worldwide. TV (including but not limited to cable and local), Internet/New Media (including, without limitation, on Sponsor’s social media sites, digital streaming, OTT TV, streaming and paid media), Industrial (any public space – including, but not limited to, in-store, tradeshow, etc.), Historical Use of materials anywhere for PR and sales purposes, award show submissions/use, intra-company, agency/client meetings and/or website in-perpetuity.
Rate of Pay:
*Hours worked beyond first 12 will be paid at time and a half: $62.50/hour
*OCP: $500/12 (session), $1500 if OCP is recognizable in final cut (usage);
*OCP Fitting: $50 payment, for up to 2-hr fitting, tentatively scheduled for November 30, 2022; OR $25 for wardrobe allowance if provided by OCP.
*Option Term: One (1) additional year of usage for 110% of initial term fee
If you might be a fit and are interested in auditioning, please submit ASAP to by sending the following info:
*Best Phone # and Email:
*Confirm you are available for the shoot, fitting, and virtual callback dates (11/28, 11/30, 12/01):
*Tell us about your skateboarding experience:
*Two recent photos (one close up, one head to toe) Does not need to be professional.
*Please use the subject line “CHURCH’S – SKATEBOARDER”

Ad Agency: Material
Producer: Brent Pennington
Director: Jillian Martin
Casting Director: Vicky Boone
Callback Date(s): November 28, 2022 (virtual)
Wardrobe Date(s): November 30, 2022
Shoot Date(s): December 1, 2022
Location: San Antonio, TX

skate boarders for commercial shoot

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