Scare Actors in Vancouver for Haunted House Event

By | July 25, 2022

Scare Actors – Haunted House

Location: Vancouver, BC

Type: Theater

Scare Actors – Pacific National Exhibition (PNE) Haunted Mansion
Pay: $18.81/hr.
Fair Dates: August 20 – September 5

The Haunted Mansion Scare Actors, mascot and their handlers will work under the direction of the Fair & Festival Operations Production Managers, Project Coordinator and House Supervisors and will dress up in costume and act out an assigned role.

The haunted mansion is one of the original haunted houses within the Playland Footprint. It is known as the long-abandoned home of Dr. Luther Van Hom and the tragic tale of his beloved young wife Nora and his long-lost child.

In your role as a Haunted Mansion Scare Actor, KC Bear or the Handler for this season, your primary accountabilities will be:

Take on a role based on assigned scripts/characters within the themes of the haunted houses.

Provide an entertaining and safe experience to guests through an assigned role.

Interpret serious or comic roles by speech, gesture, and body movement to inform or entertain guests.

Interact with guests of all ages including but not limited to taking photos with guests.

Preserve the identity of the Mascot without deviating from established character including body language/mannerisms, attitude, guest interaction and overall representation.

Learning lines/researching characters and rehearsing roles.

Preparing for and attending auditions.

Researching, reading material, or undertaking activities to help prepare for a role.

Discuss interpretation and delivery with other members of the team and the scriptwriter.

Possible involvement in dancing and singing.

Possible involvement with applying make-up and airbrush tattooing.

Available Roles:

Victorian undead family members
KC Bear – PNE Mascot

Please complete this form to book in for our upcoming casting call on Friday, July 29:

Job Posting:

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Vancouver, BC
Please submit to: by 2022-07-22
Please see this link to confirm a spot at our open casting call on Friday, July 29:

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