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Brass Jar Productions TX LLC (Drunk Shakespeare) – Downtown Houston

The hit Off-Broadway comedy, Drunk Shakespeare, is now open in Houston, TX! We are seeking additional versatile performers for the attached four roles.

Each night, five performers of “The Drunk Shakespeare Society” gather to put on a play. One of them actually drinks several shots of liquor at the start of the play. This show is a bit of a ‘play within a play’… an immersive party combining Shakespeare, pop culture, comedy and audience connection!

Since 2014, Drunk Shakespeare has been entertaining audiences from all over the world with productions in NYC, DC, Phoenix and Chicago. Drunk Shakespeare is a New York Times Critics’ Pick and the Chicago Tribune said it “may just wind up being one of the most enjoyable ways to experience a tragedy.” Alumni from the cast have gone on to perform on Broadway, in the West End, Blue Man Group, The Deuce, Billions, Sunnyside and on national tours.

The company operates in the heart of Downtown Houston in a new performance venue, “The Emerald Theatre,” featuring a hidden library speakeasy installation.

VIDEO submission with callbacks to follow in-person. Video submissions are due November 27th.

COVID PROTOCOL: At this time, all staff must be fully vaccinated. You can find the company and production’s current protocols here: Any adjustments will be updated on this page.

1) Email headshot, resume, and brief cover letter highlighting any special skills / talents to with the following in the subject line: “[YOUR NAME], [THE ROLE(s) YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED FOR]”

2) Please include a video (roughly 2-3 minutes) to showcase both a portion of Shakespeare text, and any special skills as outlined below.

Please DO NOT drink as a component of your audition.

Videos should be sent via shareable link (Youtube, Vimeo, google drive etc.) but please ensure no password or account is needed and no download is required. Do not attach a video file to your Email.

MONOLOGUE – Shakespeare, 1-2 minutes in length. We would like to meet YOU through this text, so approach it in a contemporary way that allows your personality to shine while honoring Shakespeare’s intention.

SKILLS SHOWCASE – Prepare a 1-minute video showcasing your special skills. Examples could include: dialects, impressions, dance, acrobatics, musical abilities, speaking multiple languages, etc. Let your imagination run wild! You can incorporate your skills into a speech or use a more freestyle approach.

SUPPLEMENTAL MATERIALS – Feel free to send links to any other material you’d like us to view.


We are actively seeking a diverse array of performers that bring their individuality and artistic gifts to the ensemble. We encourage performers of all backgrounds and identities to apply for any role(s) that excite them.
As part of this rotating ensemble of players, you will have the opportunity to work with the director to curate aspects of your character to showcase you as a performer – celebrating your personality and strengths.

All performers must have excellent comedic chops, commanding stage presence, special skills, a love for Shakespeare, and a desire to play and work as an ensemble.

Note: With the exception of The Host, all roles will be required to drink alcohol on stage approximately once a week.

The Master of Ceremonies and impressions extraordinaire. They welcome the audience into the society and wrangle the drunk actor while keeping the show in motion. Seeking a charismatic performer with the ability to listen and connect to an audience and a love for hosting a party. They also have the opportunity to showcase an arsenal of impressions, dialects and characters!

*Note: This track is NOT required to drink on stage.

The character through which the audience experiences the arc of the narrative. Macbeth is a soldier returning home from war that is enticed by vaulting ambition (and a very convincing wife). Seeking imposing performers with excellent Shakespeare chops and the ability to drive the play.

Macbeth often ends up shirtless at the end of the play.
This role will be required to drink on stage approximately once a week.

Lady M uses everything at her disposal to influence her husband, entice and impress the audience, and drive their mutual rise (and ultimate fall) in power. You also get to play a pretty gnarly witch. Seeking a bold and charismatic actor with a strong command of Shakespeare’s text.

This role will be required to drink on stage approximately once a week.

This track plays multiple parts including the best friend; the hungover & flirtatious porter; a puppet, a witch, Bill Pullman, and more. Seeking performers with a broad character range and a love for the outrageous. Improvisation and puppetry skills are a major plus!

This role will be required to drink on stage approximately once a week.

Macduff is the catalyst that drives the final act of the play. Seeking physical and energetic performers that are compelling movers and must have an impressive musical talent. This track also gets to play a fun witch and do a little puppetry.

This role will be required to drink on stage approximately once a week.

The ‘Drunk Actor’ rotates through all of the tracks with the exception of the Host. Having a different actor/character in this role keeps each performance fresh. When you are the drunk actor, you are the conductor of chaos with power to issue challenges to your cast-mates, perform curated “Drunk Challenges” and be the force the audience roots for. We want you to have fun and let the audience have fun with you. This is an opportunity to bring an elevated version of yourself outside the boundaries of Shakespeare’s text.

There is one drunk actor per show and the schedule is organized to ensure no performer drinks more than once a week. There are numerous internal systems in place to ensure the well-being of performers and audience. The “Drunk Actor” receives free safe transportation home.

Finally, we acknowledge that everybody has a different relationship to alcohol. We are seeking to celebrate joy, laughter and libations as people have done through time but only you know if this is the right environment for you. Performers begin with an initial 4-week trial period so that both the performer and production can decide if this is a great fit. Brass Jar Productions TX LLC does not promote irresponsible drinking, and strict drunk performance guidelines will be adhered to. By submitting for this casting you are acknowledging that you are over 21 years of age, and that you want to drink and perform Shakespeare on stage approximately once a week. We do not condone alcoholism. If you believe you may have a problem, please do not apply.


Holiday availability and flexible schedule are a plus. At least Christmas Day/Eve will be off, and the production will do their best to accommodate Holiday plans, but rehearsals will be through December and January.

Initial rehearsals will be held during both day and night.

Rehearsals will begin in early December and incoming cast members will begin performances in mid-January. Actors will begin with an initial 4-week trial contract, followed by an extension with the opportunity for an open-ended run.

Performance Schedule: Initially 5 shows/week: (1 show Thursday, 2 shows Fridays and Saturdays) with potential to expand up to 8+ shows/week. (Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat). There will be a rotating cast to cover all performances as the schedule expands and there is potential for learning additional tracks.

Actors will always be guaranteed at least 1 day off per week. Management will do their best to work with you and other cast members to allow some flexibility with schedule conflicts.

Compensation: $60/show. $15/hr for rehearsals.

$15/hr for rehearsal


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