BuzzFeed Looking for On-Camera Personalities for Food Shows

BuzzFeed Tasty Talent Residency Program

Become a part of Tasty’s team of content innovators!
Tasty’s Talent Residency is a program for aspiring on-camera personalities, TikTok/Reel-ers and YouTubers with a passion for viral storytelling and content creation.
Through this program, residents will have the opportunity to reach new audiences and help contribute to the future of Tasty’s voice and perspective alongside an incredible group of content creators. You will have an opportunity to create an editorial and branded relationship with the biggest food brand on the internet.

Residents will work alongside and learn from existing Tasty producers and talent to become the next faces and voices of the internet, with the opportunity to extend into BuzzFeed’s adjacent food formats and brands like Goodful and BuzzFeed Video.
Tasty residents should be talented home chefs with a passion for food, food culture and food media (culinary background a plus but not required). We are looking for food bloggers, Tiktok Creators and foodies curious about how to grow their digital presence and persona.

Residents will be natives of the digital and culinary landscape with intimate knowledge of the latest and greatest in social media/emerging technology platforms and established presences on TikTok and Instagram. They should show a passion for experimentation in the short-form food space, with an established history of format testing and viral successes. They should be platform-adaptive and have a firm POV on the type of content they are making.

As a BuzzFeed Tasty Resident, you’ll work with innovators in the talent space and forge your own relationships with TikTok, Reels, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch audiences!
Our screening process opens now, and selected candidates will be asked to self-tape followed by a video call interview, and finally, a remote screen test with our Casting and Talent Teams.

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