New Chevy Chase Movie “The Christmas Letter” Casting Extras in Syracuse, NY Area

Chevy Chase, renowned for his role in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” is set to star in a new holiday film, “The Christmas Letter.

The upcoming production will be filmed in Central New York, in the Syracuse and Utica, New York areas and will be directed by Tori Hunter. The production is Hunter’s feature-length directorial debut, and while the release date is yet to be announced, excitement surrounds Chase’s involvement in bringing the character and this film to life.

The Christmas Letter” will begin production in central NY shortly and the movie is in need of area locals to work on the project. This production is seeking folks in the area who would like to work as background actors as well as some crew positions and even a few locations. Filming for the movie is scheduled to take place in Utica next month, with a recent casting call seeking extras from the Central New York area.

According to the Utica Film Office, “The Christmas Letter” is about an ordinary man who receives yearly Christmas letters from a wealthy friend. Seeking to outdo his friend’s experiences, the star embarks on a year-long adventure with his family.

Chevy Chase, an Emmy-winning actor known for his SNL origins and roles in “Caddyshack,” “Fletch,” and the “National Lampoon’s Vacation” series, will contribute his comedic brilliance to a unique character in the film.

Utica Film Commissioner Paul Buckley revealed that the production team was actively seeking extras, technical crews, and specific house locations for the film, encouraging interested parties to contact him via email at

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