Seeking Couples Who Are OVERLY In-Love, Even Obsessed

By | September 27, 2023

NOW CASTING: Couples Who Are OVERLY In-Love! (Paid TV Project- Nationwide)

Documentary series is looking for couples, as well as their close friends and families, who have a remarkable, exceptionally tight-knit, and profoundly connected relationship. This pioneering series intends to explore the lives of couples who represent a level of romantic closeness that surpasses what is commonly observed in traditional relationships.

  • Are you OR do you know a couple who is SO in-love that it borders obsession?
  • Do you/they spend all of their time together?
  • Can’t or won’t go anywhere or make decisions without the other?
  • Prioritize each other over other family members, occasions, jobs or friends?
  • Do you/they think that they might be slightly co-dependent? Is the couple constantly touching and all over one another?



All-new documentary series is seeking couples (and their close friends and families) who have a next-level, beyond inseparable and close-knit relationship. This new series explores couples who exemplify romantic relationships on a level beyond that of ordinary relationships.

To apply, nominate someone or to apply, please email:

brief bio, phone number and email, as well as recent photos (and social handles if possible) to:


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