Theater Auditions for Play “The Gardner: A Musical” in Calgary, Alberta

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The Gardner – A Musical – Feather Pen Theater

Location: Calgary, Alberta

Audition / Call Type: Theater

Feather Pen Theater is searching for local talent to bring to life the fantastical world of Marcus, the Angel Gardener. The Gardener: A Musical is a full-bodied play with beautifully layered music and storylines that evoke all the feels. We are looking for cast male and female cast members and chorus between 21-65.

Marcus (Baritone-tenor G-A. Male identifying. 18-22 years old)
Sophia (Mezzo Sop G-A. Female identifying. 18-22 years old)
Bob (Baritone-Tenor G-F. Male identifying. Older than Marcus. 25-50 years old)
Callista (Mezzo Sop G-A. Female identifying. 18-22 years old)
Brandt (Baritone-Bass G-E. Male identifying. 18-22 years old)
Wentwick (Bass-Baritone E-E; falsetto B. Male identifying. 30-40 years old)
Pennyflick (Tenor E-E. chorus. Male identifying. Could be a female identifying)
Whittlestick (Baritone C-D; chorus. Male identifying)
Glenn (Bass C-D; chorus. Male identifying)
Margarete (Mezzo Sop G-E. Miracle Maker and chorus. Female identifying. 20-30 years old)
Merten (Baritone-Bass G-D. Miracle Maker and chorus. Male identifying. 20-30 years old)
Anna (Sop F-D. Female identifying. 7-10 years old)
Mrs Vandermere (chorus. Female identifying. 45-60 years old)
Mr Vandermere (chorus. Male identifying. 45-60 years old)
Clarence (can be non-singing or come from the chorus. Male identifying. 80-90 years old)
Anna’s Father (chorus. Male identifying. 30-40 years old)
William (chorus. Male identifying. 50-60 years old)
Mister Madden (chorus. Male identifying. 80-90 years old)
Agnes (chorus. Female identifying. 80’s)
Sophia’s Mother (chorus or dancer. Female identifying. 40’s)
Janice (chorus. Female identifying. Any age, but 20’s would work best)
Young Marcus (chorus. Solos D-B. Male identifying. 10-12 years old)
Young Sophia (chorus. Solos D-B. Female identifying. 10-12 years old)
Grandma Marcus’s Grandma. Warm and kind. (Female identifying. 50-90 years old)

Payment: Non-Paid

City or Location of call: Calgary, Alberta
Please submit to: by 01/20/2023 5:00 PM

Audition Requirements:
? All auditions will be done in-person
? Please prepare a 60-second song from a musical – this should really showcase your beautiful voice.
? Please bring your own music as no accompaniment will be available
? If you would like to audition, please submit a headshot and acting resume to by January 20, 2023 by 5:00pm.

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  1. Nathanael Meier-Bonilla

    Good Morning,

    As an artist from Switzerland and Costa Rica speaking five languages I love to paint, sing, play instruments; Guitar, and the drums, as also I love to dance: Breakdance, Salsa, Bachata and a bit of ballet.
    Of course I admire to be and act on stage.
    Writing as a plutonical person as teaching Sports and Acting is my inspiration. Improvisation and composing is possible too.

    Saying from Nathan Mœller:

    “You should not put everything on a goldscale, what Don Chico says, because not everything is made out of gold, what shines bright.”

    Your response I would really appreciate, because in singing I’ve seen many baritons for:

    Theater Auditions for Play “The Gardner: A Musical” in Calgary, Alberta

    Kind regards

    Nathanael Meier

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