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81 thoughts on “Get audition notices

  1. Dalon rashad Ford

    I would like to see lead rolls for BOYS AGE 10 TO 17 FOR Disney channel AND I WOULD LIKE DISNEY MOVIES.

  2. Amira

    Looking for Supporting/ Main Roles.

  3. Dimitri Robinson

    looking for lead, supporting and extras roles. available anytime and any day.

  4. Carmela Rose

    Looking for castings preferably in the Boston area but NYC area works too.

  5. Vincenzo

    Hey I’m vincenzo and I am not gonna lie, I know this is a slim chance I get this but I hope I do and I can act any role.

  6. paula kubiak

    Hello I would like to know when the show wife swap will be in California as I want my daughter and her family on the show, thank you.


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