Castings and Auditions for Hackettsown

Theater Auditions in Hackettstown, New Jersey for Cinderella

Community theater auditions announced in Hackettstown, New Jersey for the holiday season production of the stage play “Cinderella.” Audition Dates: September 30th, 2022 from 3PM – 7PM October 1st, 2022 from 1PM – 5PM The Centenary Stage Company, a professional not for profit theater located on the Campus of Centenary University, will be holding, non-equity… Read More »

Actors in New Jersey (Hackettsown) For Corporate Training Videos

DScape DSDE Location: Hackettsown, NJ Type: Video Corporate on-line training course with an English language video role play new yoetween 2 people: 40-ish male supervisor/coach and 35-ish female employee. Open to diverse demographics/races/ethnicities. Payment: Paid City or Location of call: Hackettsown, NJ Please submit to: by 2020-07-31 Please submit video of audition using script… Read More »