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Color Purple the Musical Auditions FEB 9, 2013

Where: Indianapolis, IN
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Type: Singers

Color Purple the Musical – Opening October 2013

This shows will serve as a fundraiser for 2 non-profits with proceeds going to both The Cupboard, Inc. and The Fractal Group Inc. We are seeking singers, actors, dancers of all ages and ethnicities for these two productions, which will be held in the Indianapolis area. Principal Roles will be compensated a small stipend for their performance as will secondary roles. Chorus/Ensemble will not be compensated but will have opportunities to earn comp tickets for friends/family to attend performances.


The Color Purple – Synopsis
THE COLOR PURPLE is an inspiring family saga that tells the
unforgettable story of a woman who, through love, finds the strength
to triumph over adversity and discover her unique voice in the world.

This musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
(and the popular 1985 Steven Spielberg film) spotlights Celie, a
downtrodden young woman whose personal awakening over the course of 40
years forms the arc of this epic story.

With a joyous score featuring jazz, ragtime, gospel, African music and
blues, THE COLOR PURPLE is a story of hope, a testament to the healing
power of love and a celebration of life. With a book by Marsha Norman
and music and lyrics by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis and Stephen Bray,
THE COLOR PURPLE premiered at the Alliance Theatre Company in Atlanta,
Georgia and opened on Broadway on November 1, 2005. It was nominated
for eleven 2006 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Best Book, and
Best Original Score.
Available Roles:
CELIE (African-American, 20s-early 30s): Drives the story. Vulnerable, spirited, introverted, mischievous, seemingly passive but really not, has a deep, hard soul, believes that she is ugly, has a sense of humor which is sometimes wicked. She is an observer. Needs a great belt singing voice with lots of soul.
SHUG (African-American, 30s-40s): A popular singer, we meet her at death’s door. Attractive, confident, dynamic, powerful, irresistible, but has a frailty, like a wounded animal. Her vulnerability is shocking later on. She is loved by both Celie and Mister. Needs a knockout, Bessie Smith-style, bluesy singing voice.
MISTER (African-American, 30s-40s. Also known as ALBERT): Like Celie, a deep well. Handsome, big,masculine, strong presence, dominating, capable of brutal behavior but also a victim in his own way. Gets his power for free. Married to Celie, he abuses her. He is in love with Shug. He transforms to a kind man by the end of the story. Needs a great singing voice.
SOFIA (African-American, 30s): Powerful warrior woman. Physically bigger but beautiful. Comfortable being large, great sense of humor, touching, vulnerable. Married to Harpo, she does not let anyone mistreat her. Needs comic chops. Needs a great belt singing voice.
HARPO (African-American, 20s): Mister’s vulnerable, confused, good-hearted son. Represents the new generation. He marries the independent Sofia. He spends much time trying to get Sofia to obey him the way Celie obeys his father, but he is unsuccessful, as Sofia is considerably stronger than he is. Harpo eventually establishes a jukejoint in his first house and becomes Squeak’s lover. Later, he and Sofia reconcile. Through his love of Sofia, he learns how to love a woman. Needs a great tenor singing voice.
NETTIE (African-American, 20s): Celie’s younger sister. Attractive, adventuresome, feisty spirit, maternal, more educated and knowledgeable than Celie. She has a powerful bond with Celie. Forced by Mister to leave Celie, she starts a new life in Africa. Needs a great belt singing voice with African influence.
SQUEAK ( African-American, 20s): Harpo’s lover after Sofia leaves him. Although she is mistreated, she eventually undergoes a transformation, demanding to be called by her actual name, Mary Agnes, and starting a new
life. She is of mixed ancestry. Attractive, sassy, fiery, strong-willed, unafraid to take anybody on, has a caring heart. Needs comic chops. Needs a great singing voice with belt and soprano capability.
ADULT SINGERS: Males and females, 20s – 50s, African-American. All types and singing ranges. Need fantastic singing voices and dynamic personalities. To play various roles in the ensemble
The ensemble includes a trio known as Church Ladies, busybody types who are featured throughout the show. And CHILD SINGERS (One African-American male 9 – 12 years old and three African-American females 9 – 12 years old. Need strong singing voices and dynamic personalities).
CHURCH SOLOIST (African American)
CHURCH LADY DORIS (African American)
CHURCH LADY DARLENE (African American)
CHURCH LADY JARENE (African American)
YOUNG NETTIE (African American)
MISTER’S DAUGHTER (African American)
YOUNG CELIE(African American)
YOUNG OLIVIA(African American)
HENRIETTA(African American)
DAISY(African American)
PREACHER(African American)
PRISON GUARD (Caucasian)
PA (African American)
YOUNG HARPO (African American)
YOUNG ADAM (African American)
SQUEAK (African American)
OL’ MISTER (African American)
BUSTER (African American)
CHIEF (African American)
OLDER OLIVIA (African American)
OLDER ADAM (African American)

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Indianapolis, IN
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