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Stockholm Pictures, an Atlanta based independent film company, is hosting auditions for its feature film “Pulse of the Indigo.” Auditions will be held on March 13th in downtown Atlanta. We will begin filming beginning of 2011 in West Virginia, travel expenses will be compensated. These are paying roles, but keep in mind we are a small film company, travel, lodging, and food will also be included. Serious inquires only.

The movie in a nutshell is about a serial killer (nicknamed the Indigo Killer) who unsuspectingly falls in love with a woman who is caught between two gangs (the Russian mob and a Mexican drug cartel). The movie tells their story.

All the characters listed below, except for North, will be speaking in either Spanish or Russian at points during the movie. If you do not speak Spanish or Russian this is okay, we will have translators on location, but please be able to do the accent.

Please email with a copy of headshot and resume if interested and have the subject header as the character for whom you will be auditioning.


North – Caucasian, Male, Late 30s. North is one of the two main characters. Although he seems charismatic and outgoing, this is only a facade. His true nature is demonic, as he is a serial killer praying on innocent women. Although Svetlana, in the beginning, is only another victim, he ends up falling in love with her. North is tall with a swimmer build. He is obsessive compulsive We are looking for an attractive male who has that “All American Boy” look to him, yet as there are many layers to this character we are looking for someone who has an edge to them as well.

Svetlana – Caucasian, Female, Early to Mid 30s. Svetlana is the lead female in this film. She is the daughter of Aleksandr, head of the Russian mafia, and becomes the love interest of North She is a very independent and strong woman, who is very proud of her heritage. We’re looking for someone with strong facial features, but still on the feminine side. We picture her as tall and shapely, but on the thinner side. Above all, Svetlana is a classy, well-educated woman with a strong Russian accent.

Aleksandr – Caucasian, Male, Early 70s. Aleksandr is the head of the local Russian Mafia and the father of Svetlana and Varushka. We’re looking for someone on the heavier side who is bald or balding. He is a very powerful man and must be portrayed as such.

Redolfo – Hispanic, Male, Late 60s. Redolfo is the patriarch of the local drug cartel. He follows traditional Hispanic culture to a tee, though he can be loud and obnoxious at times. We’re looking for someone who is slightly out of shape with age and slightly balding.

Anabella – Hispanic, Female, Late 60s. Anabella is Redolfo’s wife. She is very traditional but very independent and headstrong. She is obviously in charge. We’re looking for someone who has aged gracefully and is clearly in good health.

Varushka – Caucasian, Male, Late 30s/ Early 40s. Varushka is the only son of Aleksandr, making him second in command. He is calm, but do not mistake this for weakness. He is incredibly intelligent and relies on this more so than physical strength. We are looking for someone with clean cut, strong features.

Vadik – Caucasian, Male, Early to Mid 40s. Vadik is a hit man who has moved up in the ranks after many years of service to the Russian mafia. He is the muscle behind Alksandr’s power. Like Varushka, he is reserved, but he relies more on strength and intimidation than on eloquence. We are looking for a tall, well-dressed, clean cut man with a strong build.

Russian Gentleman – Caucasian, Male, Mid 60s. This character is a retired doctor that is friends with Aleksandr from the past and thus cleans up many a mess for the mafia. He is thin with a good head of hair, a Russian Richard Geri.

Guillermo –Hispanic, Male, Early 20s. Guillermo is a typical thug. He is heavily tattooed (but the actor does not need to be) and overzealous. He is very eager to please and wants to move up in the ranks for the drug cartel.

Hector – Hispanic, Male, Early 20s. Hector is Guillermo’s wingman. He is a lot less abrasive, and more on the nervous side than Guillermo.

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