Actress, 50+ Needed for Comedy


Pachango Films is casting Gangsta Bitches, a comedic short flim, chronicling the violent saga of 3 older mafia queens, who are planning a hostile takeover of rival NY crime families. These three old friends don’t let the fact that they’re deep in their 70s deter them from participating in drive-bys, robberies, drug dealing and a host of other criminal activities. The film has the mood of a 70s Blaxploitation film and while it is a very dark comedy, these ladies are ruthless and completely serious.
Ed Bonfanti, dir. Shooting begins Late March/April 2010 in NYC.

Seeking— Marla: late 60s-80s, Caucasian, the unofficial leader of the GBs. As ambitious as she is ruthless, she sets the plan to take over the NY families; she also harbors a lifetime vendetta against all law enforcement.

Fiona: late 60s-80s, Caucasian, she is perhaps the most dangerous of the GBs. When she’s not doing drive-bys or running fight clubs, she has to contend with her long suffering husband, who is constantly complaining about her antics. She also has a special hatred for children, which comes up frequently.

Charlotte: late 60s-80s, African American, she is close friends with Fiona but is on bad terms with her cheating boyfriend. She’s the loose cannon of the group and has a bad temper when provoked.

George: late 60s-80s, Caucasian, Fiona’s fed up husband. He’s had enough of her criminal ways. He’s also constantly disrespected by Fiona on a daily basis.

Sumeki: 50s-60s, Indian, a crime boss, who unsuccessfully tries to stand up to the GBs takeover.

Sergeant Nolte: 40s-50s, Caucasian, An obsessed and determined police sergeant whose trying to bring down the GBs once and for all.

Charlotte’s Boyfriend: 30s-40s, African American, His girlfriend comes home and catches him making a porno with 3 other girls. He unsuccessfully tries to plead for his life.

Hipster Druggie: 20s, He’s hip and he tries to buy drugs in Williamsburg before getting gunned down by the GBs.

Scared Little Boy- 6-11 He is treated rudely by Fiona and he cries and is scared.

Auditions will be held by appt. To schedule an appt., email pix & résumés to; specify your availability and the role you wish to audition for. Non Union, No pay, but copy, credit, and meals provided.

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