Auditions for Jesus Christ Superstar


Casting notice posted on, casting location: Fair Lawn NJ

Old Library Theatre in Fair Lawn is holding auditions for a rock concert revisionist version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice Rock Opera

AUDITIONS are at 6pm June 16 & 17 w/ callbacks June 18, 2010
Rehearsals run Mon-Friday evenings from 6-9:30 June & July
Show dates are two weekends (July 30 – August 8th, 2010)
Produced by Old Library Theatre
Directed and Choreographed by Alex Perez
Musical Direction by Charles Santoro

Seeking STRONG dedicated rock singers and dancers willing to work hard and create a brand new modern revamped version of the classic rock opera.
You must be 18 and over to audition.
ALL ROLES are OPEN to all denominations, sexes, ethnicities and types.
Seeking young, energetic and hard-working artists looking to create a fresh new interpretation.

Please familiarize yourself well with the show prior to auditioning and be prepared.
Please have 2 songs from the show ready to go or rock songs in the vein of the artists listed below and be prepared to dance.
This stage version will be treated as if it were a long-form rock/dance music video.
Think Radiohead/Pink Floyd/Muse/Green Day/Lady Gaga all rolled into one influence.

Everyone is encouraged to come and audition for all roles.
There is no pay for this project, but experience and opportunity is beyond words.
Bring headshot and resume to the audition.

Judas/Apostle (Rock Tenor, low D to high E)
A tortured soul, angry, bitter and wildly emotional. He is tortured by his role in this drama, disappointed in Jesus. Judas sings with a raw emotionally charged passion. This is a major singing role. Must be in great shape.
Influences: Freddie Mercury, Carl Anderson, Adam Lambert, Axl Rose

Jesus (Rock Tenor, low Bb to high E, optional high G)
His righteous anger and acceptance of all His people are his main traits. The Jesus of this piece is a little less delicate and more rough-hewn character. He is strong willed, a rock and roll “wailer” and, of course, a Superstar.
Must be in great physical shape.
Influences: Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke of Radiohead
Ability to play ‘Gethsemane’ on guitar (acoustic) a PLUS, but not necessary.

Peter/Apostle (Tenor/Baritone)
The head apostle and Jesus’ right hand man. He is loyal and loving and in awe of Jesus, yet conflicted as he does deny Him and criticizes Jesus for His relationship with Mary. Must be in good shape.
Influences: Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd

Mary Magdalene/Apostle (Folk/R&B Mezzo/Alto, low G# to B, optional high A)
Mary is the leading lady of the piece. She is very attached to Jesus and very much in love with him. She is His protector, caretaker and soother, quite nurturing and very grateful for His attention. In this version, she is also one of the apostles.
Influences: Nicole Atkins, Alanis Morissette, Leona Lewis, Heather Headley

Pontius Pilate (Tenor/Baritone, low A to Bb)
Pilate is given the case of Jesus and is eager to pass it on to someone else yet he is given the decision back. He is stern and puzzled at the same time. He plays his role but is reluctant to put Jesus to death himself.
Must be comfortable with brief nudity (backside and shirtless), and be in good shape.
Influences: Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie

The following roles are open to all sexes/races and ethnicities.

Herod (Tenor/Baritone, low B to high B)
The eccentric to whom Jesus is presented, Herod is unimpressed yet quite impressive in his/her own way.
Influences: David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones

Annas (Tenor, low F to C#) & Caiaphas (Bass, very low C to middle F)
The officials who negotiate with Judas for information regarding Jesus whereabouts to aid in His arrest. These men/women are worried that Jesus presence will hurt their power. They are devious, covert, stern and slimy.

Simon Zealotes/Apostle (Alto/Tenor) Solo song in adoration of Jesus
Influences: Green Day, Guns n’ Roses

Soul Sisters (3, R & B Soprano/Alto) Excellent ‘backup’ skills & movers (M/F)
8 more apostles Good movers, energetic motivated singers/dancers (M/F)
5 high priests Creepy vocals, menacing, police/henchmen/women (M/F)
Lepers Good movers/singers, creepy voices (M/F)
Harem/Belly Dancers and M/F Prostitute/Strippers Great flexibility, dance ability, possible shirtless men/shirtless women- (brief nudity) may be required
Merchants In the temple, no-good doers, good vocals and movement (M/F)
Tormentors, Reporters Good vocals and movement (M/F)

Ensemble will be portraying multiple roles listed above.
You will be asked if you are comfortable with shirtless/topless roles at the audition.

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