Auditions for “Manhattan Transfer”

By | April 28, 2010

Turtle Shell Productions NYC is holding resume / photo requests for auditions for “Manhattan Transfer” – Equity

The production will rehearse in June and perform July 8th – August 1.

Manhattan Transfer is a portrait of New York City in the early part of the 20th century told through the interconnected stories of dozens of Manhattanites: theatre people, bankers, lawyers, immigrants, a lowly milkman who becomes a Tammany politician, a bootlegger who winds up on Park Avenue. Adapted from the classic novel by John Dos Passos, the play concentrates on the lives of three protagonists: a driven, ambitious lawyer who can never find love, the Broadway actress who takes the town by storm but finds n fulfillment in her success, the idealistic reporter who sees firsthand the cruelty of the city but feels inadequate to tell its story, and Manhattan itself – the tragic hero of the story, the center of everything.

It’s a fast moving ride through the city, amplified by snatches of conversation, newspaper headlines, popular songs and advertising slogans. This production will need actors who move well, who can create multiple characters, who can sing and play street instruments, and who are gifted at dialects.

Ellen Thatcher: 16-28: a lovely Broadway actress, who takes New York by storm. Men fall head-over-heels for her, and she knows her power over them. Charlize Theron (Cider House Rules), Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman Type

Jimmy Herf: 16-32: a bright-looking, idealistic New York Times reporter, at battle with the city of Manhattan. He is instantly smitten with Ellen. Toby McGuire; young John Cusack, Rory Culkin, Shia LeBeouf Type

George Baldwin: 32-44: a hungry, opportunistic attorney. Fidelity is not one of his strong points. George Clooney, Aaron Eckhart, young Alec Baldwin Type

Nevada Jones: 24-36: a sassy, flamboyant actress/dancer. A young Ethel Merman, Bernadette Peters, Anne Hathaway Type. (MUST BE ABLE TO SING AND DANCE REALLY WELL.)

Ruth Prynne: 25-31: Jimmy’s girlfriend. An aspiring but less-than-successful actress, intelligent, sardonic. Joan Cusack (Working Girl), Lake Bell Type

Nellie Mcneil: 19-31: an adorable, restless Irish wife, the steel hand in a velvet glove. Maureen O’Hara type.

Cassie Wilkins: 19-31: a naive, lisping, aspiring dancer. Alice Beasley (Moonlighting), Kirsten Chenowith, Zooey Descahanel

Stan Emery: 22: a handsome, charming, spoiled, hard-drinking student/playboy. Zach Efron, polished Colin Ferrell, young Jude Law

Gus Mcneil: 40-52: a big, likable Irish milkman with the gift of gab who becomes a Tammany politician. Brian Dennehey, Oliver Platt, John Goodman, Gabriel Byrne

Jeff Merrivale: 48: Jimmy’s uncle and guardian. A bigoted Wall Street businessman.

Jojo Oglethorpe: 37 – 50: Ellen’s eccentric, flamboyant, glib-tongued actor-husband, bi-sexual, aristocratic southern accent. Jim Broadbent (Gilbert & Sullivan), John Lithgow

Congo: 36-48: a strong, swarthy, friendly French bartender who’s also a bootlegger. Jean Paul Belmondo, Lino Ventura, little older Adrian Grenier type

Detective: 45

Mike Cardinale: 50: a heavyset Italian bootlegger.

Some roles may double; also seeking actors who move well, sing, play harmonica or other “street instruments”.

For consideration, mail picture and resume to:

Turtle Shell Productions
300 W 43rd Street Suite # 403
New York, NY 10036
Attention: Manhattan Transfer casting