Auditions Gay Force Rangers | Atlanta

By | July 6, 2010

Gay Force Rangers auditions Atlanta

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta

We are looking for actors to play in an upcoming web series called Gay Force Rangers. Think Gay Power Rangers. The series follows 6 GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) friends as they are chosen to protect the world from an evil drag queen and her minions. This is a comedy mixed with gay humor, and some serious issues.

Its is not a childrens webseries as there will be violence and some adult language. This series will mimic all the hilarious antics from the power rangers including synced movements, yelling commands, and stating the obvious. This will consist of 10 episodes. There is no pay as of yet and you will receive copy and credit. If the series gets bigger, then royalties can be discussed down the line. You must look physically fit if considered to be a ranger. Other roles may not require you to look a physical part. You do not need to be gay in order to be apart of this webseries. We are looking to start the project late summer.

We are looking for these ranger types (Most roles prefer actors with age ranges of 18-35, any race for all parts) (If interested in drag queen roles, preferred if you have an outfit already)

GEEKY RANGER – This ranger can fix any gadget by using his one liners and crossing wires. He is the innocent and shy gay.

HARD RANGER – Lesbian ranger that believes she can do anything better than a man, especially her male teammates. She has a short temper.

MASCULINE RANGER – He may be the gayest of them all in a mental sense, but he is in denial about who he is and what he has been chosen to be.

OUTSPOKEN RANGER – This transgendered/Drag always speaks her mind! She tells it like it is, but in a good way. She keeps the teams heads together

FEMME RANGER – This guy is flashy and proud. Lots of team spirit and always up to date on fashion

COCKY RANGER – This ranger appears in the 6th episode and replaces the teams current leader. He is more conceited, cocky, and knows he looks good.

CONCEITED RANGER – He thinks he is the leader because of his sexiness and passion to lead the team in the right direction (this part is already taken)

TeQuila Patrice – A nasty drag queen that is out to make the rangers lives miserable

General Hoe – He is TeQuilas right hand man and always makes sure the missions are carried out

Moan On Lisa (Mona Lisa) – Pretty female that seems innocent, but is a worthy warrior of Patrice

Dill Dohs- Evil soldiers always sent out to wear down the rangers

Monsters – Various – These will mostly consist of gay bashers to hurt the rangers emotionally, or other Fierce evils

Also looking for anyone who would like to help out with this project. (FX, Locations, etc)

If interested please include a photo, resume if possible, any martial arts training, dancing, aerobics, etc background if possible, and a callback number, and why you would be a great fit for this project.


Casting Location: Atlanta
Contact email: