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Haunted House Auditions | Atlanta

OPEN AUDITIONS for Chambers of Horror will be held at 7 PM on Thurs, Sept 9 at the facility behind the Masquerade downtown THERE EXISTS A PLACE… WHERE YOU CAN LIVE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS… YOUR MOST DEVIANT FANTASIES… YOUR SICKEST PLEASURES… WHERE YOU CAN FEEL SOMETHING AGAIN… Chambers of Horror is Atlanta’s first and only […]

Casting People with great ideas – Reality TV

Reality TV Auditions Calling all mad scientists! Powderhouse productions is casting people who have great ideas about environmental clean up… yep, Do you know how to clean up an oil spill? If so, then you may be perfect for this reality TV / Documentary casting call. Seeking people with brilliant plans that can create a […]

Reality TV Casting “Strange Addictions”

Do you have a really odd addiction? Do you do things your friends think are way off… eat chalk? Tons of tats? body building to the max? insane plastic surgery? crazy over pets? tanning or overly waxing? if so then this may be the gig for you. The show is all about crazy and odd […]

Auditions Gay Force Rangers | Atlanta

Gay Force Rangers auditions Atlanta Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta We are looking for actors to play in an upcoming web series called Gay Force Rangers. Think Gay Power Rangers. The series follows 6 GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender) friends as they are chosen to protect the world from an evil drag […]

UK Auditions miss ultamale diva 2010 – Males

miss ultamale diva 2010 – Casting notice posted on, casting location: liverpool beauty pageant exclusivly for male borns only! first round photo entry, second and third rounds to be held on the same night wich consist of a lingerie and evening wear catwalk. we are looking for lots of personality the more over the […]

Dog Auditions | VA

A dog is needed for a production of Annie to play little Orphan Annie’s dog, Sandy. Auditions for the dog’s role will be held this weekend. DMR Adventures, a local production company, is handling the canine casting call at Dan Daniel Park and will be held at the “Bark at the Park” event. Canine / […]

Docu-series “Trains and ladders – enacting new tech”

Casting call – Salt Lake City Trains and ladders – enacting new technology “Hail unto new terrain & enter revolution”. show casting adult males. Show Casting adult men, who love their hobby: model trains, locomotives and other steam powered transports. Do you have a huge collection of model trains? Do you live for your hobby? […]

Casting Ticklish Guys – Reality TV Casting

Great reality opportunity for ticklish guys (18-25 yrs) Casting notice posted on, casting location: Los Angeles, CA Ticklish guys — ages 18-25 — sought for auditions on mainstream reality video series featuring endurance tickling … weird but true ! Candidates must have a masculine online presence and a lean athletic look. Asian candidates are […]

Do you have tattoos of Brands? Documentary casting

Did you name your child after a brand name? Did your parents name you after a brand name? Or do you have a tattoo of the Mac Apple? The Nike swoosh? The McDonald’s golden arches? Or your favorite product or brand that’s even better? If so, we would love to interview you for a chance […]

Casting People with branded tattoos

DO YOU HAVE A TATTOO OF YOUR FAVORITE BRAND OR PRODUCT? Do you have a tattoo of the Mac Apple? The Nike swoosh? The McDonald’s golden arches? Or your favorite product or brand that’s even better? If so, we want to hear from you! Be a part of an epic new documentary about brands directed […]