Auditions “Things I Don’t Understand” NYC

By | April 26, 2010

Things I Don’t Understand is the new feature film from the filmmakers of the critically/commercially successful indie valentine to NYC “…Around” ( shooting in Brooklyn in the Fall and auditioning this Summer in NYC.

The story follows Violet Kubelick, a brilliant young grad student studying near-death experiences and her recent withdrawn, closed-off behavior after a mysterious, failed suicide attempt. She and her two artist-roommates are forced by financial matters to finally confront their fears and step out of the protective bubble they’ve created for themselves in their Brooklyn loft. A story of changing, relationships, love, life and what comes after we die.

Violet (late 20’s/early 30’s) Caucasian; a highly intelligent former grad student who’s thesis was on what happens after one dies, interviewed those with near death experiences. Mysteriously attempted suicide and has spent the last few years and has withdrawn into a life of random “romantic” encounters, alcohol, guarded cynicism. Forced by a financial situations and a therapist that pushes her to restart her thesis to confront her life/demons. Estranged from her family.

Remy (late 20’s/early 30’s) Violet’s roommate and closet friend. A spoiled, bi-sexual, French punk-rocker and musician. Overly emotional, very childish. A bit of a stoner and prescription pill fan. The son of diplomats, recently cut-off and having to adapt to fending for himself.

Gabby Hunt (early 30’s) another of Violet’s roommates. A political activist/feminist/performance artist. Works with an environmental group “Green Wrath”, putting together a secret play/show dealing with “women’s issues”. Secretly longs for male affection and a relationship. Bit of a love-hate-antagonistic relationship with Remy.

Parker (late 20’/early-mid 30’s) a bartender in the bar below the loft of the main characters. Talented artist with a mysterious and dark past. Recently separated from his wife. Dryly funny.

Sara (late teens/early 20’s) a former dancer, terminally ill and an amputee. In a hospice and interviewed by Violet as she takes up her thesis again. Forms a cathartic bond with her in the sessions. Funny, stiff upper lip but in intense pain. A physical representation of Violet’s deeper fears.

Darla (20’s) a painfully pretty Australian. Aspiring actress and bartender/barback. Heart of gold, earnest and always chipper with a lovely smile but not always a lot going up on top.

Also looking for additional talent for featured/supporting roles.

Please email headshots, links, resumes and reels to: