Calling ALL women wanting to snag their DREAM DATE!

By | May 21, 2010

A Toronto based production company is developing a new series, and we need your input to make it come to life! Share your personal stories/dreams to go on a date with your secret crush!

In each episode, we’ll send one woman on a dream date with the man they’ve had their eye on but never had the courage to approach! In order to make this happen, we hook up each selected woman with a team of beauty experts whose mission is to prepare her for her big date with that special someone who she is secretly admiring! We make your dream date a reality!

We need your personal stories! Write in to our producers, and share your story of who you admire and wish to go on a date with – but need a makeover before it happens!
In a paragraph, briefly tell us about your dream guy, you, and why you need US to make this happen!

Send your written submissions to us by the reply to function in this ad, or via email: with a subject heading of “Secret Admirer Makeover”! Thank you to all those who write in – only those selected to potentially move forward will be contacted with a reply.