Casting 12 Roles for feature “She’s in the Details”

By | March 12, 2010

Series6flix will be hosting a trio of casting calls in preparation for their inaugural feature film, “She’s in the Details”, filming this summer in the Maryland/DC area (and some of lower PA). It’s in a similar vein of “Margot at the Wedding”, “Conversations with Other Women” or “Rachel Getting Married”.

12 parts are available (outlined below), but this is, predominantly, a female piece. Series6flix is looking for talented, motivated actors/actresses who can bring these characters to life in an iconic way for American independent cinema.

The first Casting Call will be on Saturday, March 13, 2010 in Washington DC at Cleveland Park Neighborhood Library (Second Floor Large Meeting Room) from 1-4pm.

The second will be the following Saturday, March 20th, 2010 in Towson, Maryland at the Towson Library (Towson Library Meeting Room) from 9am-2pm.

The third is the following month, on Saturday, April 24, 2010 in Frederick, Maryland, at the C. Burr Artz Public Library (CBA Community Room) from 12-4:30pm.

Come one! Come all! And come prepared, with head shots, resumes and your availability for Summer. Sides will be given to cold read. For more info/directions, see our websites, and

Character List


Alysa : “The Actress” (23-25 years old). Believes wholeheartedly in Shakespeare’s quote “All the world’s a stage”. She is the group’s personality and often dips into other languages/accents for no reason (other than it suits her mood). Spoiled, regal, competitive and (sometimes), mean. But also loyal, fun, honest and insecure. Her best friend is Naomi.
Naomi: “The Emotional One” (23-25 years old). Naomi internalizes all her problems, so, consequently, her external shields are always down. Insults and criticisms come as major blows to her sense of self. She could be brilliant (being very smart and obsessive compulsive) but she’d have to get out of her own way first. Her best friend is Alysa.
Georgia: “The Free Spirit” (mid to late 20’s). Georgia (consciously) tries to defy all labels. She’s never what anyone expects her to be, because she doesn’t know who she is herself. She’s open minded, magnetic, bi-sexual-but only a sketch of the woman she’ll eventually become. Her unwillingness to accept judgment on behalf of herself (or her activities) puts her at constant loggerheads with her best friend, Aerynn.
Aerynn: “The Bitch” (mid to late 20’s). Sort of an angry (drunken) big sister to the group, Aerynn holds everyone to a standard of living that she herself doesn’t live up to. She also sees no problem in her hypocrisy. Someone has to enforce the rules. Beautiful but insecure. Judgmental but thin-skinned. These personality quirks make her quick to anger, and (unfortunately), prone to violence. Her best friend and room mate is Georgia.

James: (23-25 years old) Alysa’s best (male) friend. Your typical good guy: likable, handsome, funny (not hysterically) fair and level headed. But he’s a little blind when it comes to Alysa due to a (former) unrequited crush.
Lorrie: (23-25 years old) James’ fiancee. Pretty, smart, anti-drama but excitable. She’s the one that James truly loves (and she knows it), but the close, confidential relationship between Alysa and her future hubby unnerves her.
Mack: (late 20’s, early 30’s) The asshole to Aerynn’s bitch, Mack is one the few people who can reach her tender side. He doesn’t love her but pretends to quite well. His experience as a photographer has given him the ability to get what he wants out of people. Along with the understanding that there are other, hotter, less bitchier, fish in the sea.
Rob: (mid 20’s) Naomi’s boyfriend is underwhelming, but lovable. His low maintenance nature makes it possible for them to be together. But, typical guy, he will make a stand when provoked, albeit very clumsily.
Coe: (mid to late 20’s) Georgia’s flower child kindred spirit, Coe could be distantly related to pixies. She’s cute, excitable and quick to emotional response when someone crosses her or a loved one. She and Georgia have/do model together as they also share the same comfort level with (showing off) her body.
The Girl: (looks 20’s but could be older) One half of a dynamic, conniving duo, The Girl is anyone she wants to be as long as that means having fun. To that end, she is controlling, calculating and manipulative. But on a good day, her dedication to fun can be mistaken for free spirited.
Baby Boy: (late 20’s, early 30’s) The other half of The Girl’s coin. They are alike in most ways, save one: his oily, elusive nature is in directed contrast to The Girl’s projected air of honesty. But he’s as sharp as he is slippery. He is almost never surprised. Almost.
Sean: (30’s) Aerynn’s boss, with whom she is having an affair. He mistakes her rudeness for honesty. His overestimation of her (and her hypocrisy) will ultimately doom their relationship. His bachelor status at his age says more words can here.

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