Casting Various Roles – Feature Film “Atlantan” | Atlanta

Posted by the Production Manager
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Atlanta, Ga

Feature Film: The Atlantan

Some pay for roles.

Melanie: 25-35, White female, off and on homeless, addict

Walt: Mid 30’s and up, Black male, Intelligent homeless

Reverend Impee: 40-60, White male, Freak Televangelist

Larry: 30-50, White male, Rapist and murderer

Jessica: early 20’s, White Female, Innocence, cute

Antwoine: 25-35, Black Male, Crack dealer with a good heart

Brian: 25-35, White male, attractive, fit, good guy

Mike: 25-40, White or Latino male, Rugged, tough blue-collar, Strong arm robbery

Olu: 20-35, Black male, Hood, Mike’s partner in crime

Casting Location: Atlanta, Ga
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