Casting Chinese Actors | NYC

In Transit Student Film Seeking Chinese Actors
Casting notice posted on, casting location: New York City

Auditions for NYC student film to be held in late August/early September. Exact shooting and audition dates TBD.

STORY LINE: A young Chinese boy is forced to grow up too fast when his mother’s death leaves him and his younger brother stranded on a New York City Subway car.


LIN LI: A Chinese woman sacrifices everything for her family and job, hoping to be able to give her children a better life. She is tired, overworked, and over-stressed, and the demands of earning a living leave her little time to be a mother to her two young boys. Age: 30s, Proficiency in Mandarin required.

XIAO FENG: A quiet, serious Chinese boy. His family depends on him to help them navigate the American culture they are trying to acclimate to. He is eager to help and take on all the responsibility he can. He is caught between wanting to be a kid, and having to take on the responsibilities of his family. Age 6-13 Proficiency in Mandarin required.

XIAO MING: A rambunctious, hyper Chinese boy. He loves to whine and complain whenever his is unhappy, and is generally oblivious to what is going on around him. He depends on his older brother to keep him out of trouble. Age: 4-9, Proficiency in Mandarin required

FATHER: A Chinese man in his late 30s, he works two shifts to support his family and consequently does not take an active role in the life of his sons. Age: 30s-40s

Casting Location: New York City
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