Connecticut Auditions – Call for volunteer dual cast for growing web series

Casting notice posted on, casting location: The South End Community Center 650 Park Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604-4610

Call for volunteer dual cast for growing web series

MANY parts open for adults teens and young college students with talent. Open audition Friday August 20th 6:30- 8:00 PM and Friday September 3rd 6:30- 8:00 PM at The South End Community Center 650 Park Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604-4610 across the Street from Mercy Learning Center down the street from the University of Bridgeport. Call 203- 417-66805 or email if you have any questions.

Take a look at the character descriptions below to see what we are looking for. There will be opportunity for technical/costume/make up help and assistance in other areas as well. Please bring a folder with head shot, contact info and bio that you can leave with us for our files. Be prepared to read a script you have never seen and also have a short presentation of a monologue or singing.

1985 Cast

Heather Brolinksy- 80’s valley girl type (think Molly Ringwald in 16 candles) shallow concerned with fashion and hair

Lane Brolinsky- 15 year old wise guy with lots of personality and ideas some what of a slob. pesky little brother to Heather B.

Mrs Brolinsky- Lane and Heather’s mom. Typical 50’s mom with an 80’s edge. Wants her kids to achieve great things, go to college and strive for corporate success.

Mary Jones- pretty 15 year old girl who gets abducted in the first scene

Keisha White- 15 year old african american girl with attitude. Likes to start fights with the boys.

Young Alice Jackson- 13 year old african american innocent bystander friend of Kiesha. Witness to horrible happenings.

(a 1985 character grown up in 2010) Older crazy Alice Jackson/Voudou mambo- Dual character borderline schizophrenic older woman who has a secret. She is often homeless but when Arianna sees her in dreams she becomes a wild eyed Voudou Priestess entranced in a vision.

Jammin Joe Calhoun- crazy 80’s radio DJ
Samantha- Nerdy type with lots of beauty underneath the specs. Somewhat shy.

Ellie Whitaker- 16 year old caucasian female Samantha’s friend into trendy music of the 80’s specifically the birth of hip hop and rap.

Kevin Jones- (the football jock) Stereotypical good looking sports enthusiast with letterman jacket. Kind of an arrogant jerk.

Andy Clark- good looking nice guy. Football jock with a heart of gold. Very popular but sincerely nice.

Brian Ramos- Lane’s friend. Class clown flirt always trying to pick up girls but often failing miserably. Wants to be a famous punk guitarist front man for a NY underground band.

Cameron Marcone- friend of Lane, Brian and Kirt. Bass player a little more concerned with school work than his friends. Excels a math but tries to play it off like he’s one of the cool kids.

Kirt Stanley- Sporty daredevil skater type that likes to jump his skate board over things for death defying feats. Friend of Lane, Brian, Cameron and pretty much everyone by default.

Mandy Ellis- Snobby rich kid somewhat of a valley girl. looks down on people for having bad style.

Other Heather (Heather Richards)- Friend of Kelly and Heather B. Vapid follower type. Also snobby valley girl.

Kelly Tinsley- Outcast a little too weird for most people to hang with. 80’s goth type underground type that likes to eat paper in the back of the class.
Miss Flint (Betty Flint)- Sporty energetic girls gym teacher. trying to motivate the girls into losing weight for the prom.

Miss Rockson (Angie Rockson)- The hip AV teacher with a flair for teaching kids about getting active in their community and becoming advocates for different causes,

Mr Allen (Rick Allen)- Typical high school science teacher. Means well, loves science but his students just don’t care about the subject. He’s often frustrated.

Principle Demus- A very tough by the book principle that has allot of bad luck

Miss Duveau- the Principles no nonsense secretary

Ralph Fontez- 80’s Madison High maintenance man Creepy high school janitor that chain smokes on his breaks in the back of the school. Often a scape goat for situations that go wrong.

2010 cast

William Parker is a 18 year old male, patriotic type, into modern country, punk and alternative music and drives a small motorcycle. His ambition is to become a military photographer and he owns several high quality cameras and a small video camera. Has cool hair and cool urban clothes.

Uncle Joe- William’s uncle. Is a different race because he’s an uncle through marriage. Used to work for the electric company. He is very knowledgeable about wiring and fixing things.
Uncle Joe as Reginald Haverston- an alter ego for TV the care taker of Madison High school.

Roberta and Steve Parker (Will’s parents.)- people possessed by some kind of selective memory erasing event.

Jadon Micheals: A 21 year old African American skater kid formerly from the Bronx He likes Anime and comics but this is not his entire world. He reads on a collection of diverse subjects and is searching for answers. The kind of kid who says “why” and “what for.” He is the epitome of the “defiant one” however never gets into trouble.

Aurora Kell is a 17 year old female, exotic, intro the occult. She is somewhat moody so remember to shift moods often. Into horror and science fiction (her parents were probably nomadic hippies)

Emily Shoe- A 15 year old telekinetic poet with a knack for writing random cute songs. Sometimes sports multi-colored hair. (favs are pink and indigo) She plays the piano and bass guitar. She’s part of the drama club and this may be how she meets all the other characters. She’s often bubbly and silly but very bright….very fun. She is a likable character that often helps people feel good about them selves.

Arianna Walkers: 22 year old, dark brown hair and green eyes, inner city dancer, and musician. She also works at a new/age occult gift shop part time and knows quite a bit about darker literature. She does not have many close relationships, and often has fantasies that she is being watched or stalked.

Aaron Akiva: 14 year old jewish male (AKA Double A). Comes from a very devout religious family but he’s somewhat rebellious over anything his family asks of him. He’s often passive aggressive about his rebellion. He often reinvents himself with music choice and style to annoy his parents.

Ravan Madeira 19 year old female with a passion for saving the worlds animals. A natural beauty (dislikes make up) laid back sparkling personality and makes lots of friends easily. Very grounded down to earth and empathic. Knows how to make a person feel good about themselves just by listening. Somewhat into all things Native American. Is very earthy and sometimes wears feathers in her hair.?

Jules Evans: 22 year old Caucasian male long slightly curled hair. Intellectual, philosopher on the edge with conspiracy theories. Somewhat hippy like always wanting to stop the corrupt government.

Jason Fernand: 15 year old Hispanic extrovert, pessimist, wants to do SOMETHING with himself anything. Often feels a little lost.

Dashaun Marques: 17 year old African American male somewhat of a player. Always has two girls he’s trying to date at all times. Constantly text messaging. Into football and basketball. Works a part time job at a law office that he has to wear business suits for. Drives a nice black sports car with a very loud stereo.

Weston Andrews: 16 year old African American male known as West Side or Beat Boy to his friends Obsessed with drumming and drumming on the table. He and his buddies run an illegal business of making the loudest car stereos in town and have competitions to make stereos that set off car alarms. He’s in trouble allot but very loyal to his friends and not involved in any gangs. Instead he’s a good resource for technical problem solving and gear set up.

Plus a few more here and there and some extras.

Casting Location: The South End Community Center 650 Park Avenue Bridgeport, CT 06604-4610
Contact email: