Casting Comedy “Imagine Frank”

By | April 15, 2010

Pennsylvania audition for a comedy web series

A comedy web series title Imagine Frank will begin production this summer of season 1 that will debut on several online channels. The story follows Steven, a college freshman who lacks confidence and pretty much everything that will lead him in the right direction. When things seem bad he is visited by a man named Frank, who appears to be just another freshman, but the one thing that separates him and everyone else is, he can only be seen by Steven. Frank is an imaginary friend sent to guide Steven and befriend him to open up and gain self confidence and to help point him in the right direction. And of course there are many bumps along the way such as everyone thinks Steven is talking to himself all the time and Frank gets a little annoying.

Pennsylvania audition

We are in need of a supporting cast and main cast for the series and be able to commit to the 1st season run. We will be shooting in the Poconos, PA and Northeast PA region. So you either have to be in the Poconos, or able to commute there. Right now it is a deffered pay, which means we cannot pay you until we get paid. So right now there is no pay, but with your hard work and commitment this project will get all of us paid. We are all in this together to help put together a great series. We have a great writer who is a paid proffesional writer and also a professional film composer onboard to do the music and sound fx.

auditions for the following roles:

STEVEN (18-25 Male )
Good looking, no confidence, nerdy, passionate, just doesnt know the right words, tries too hard to fit in, etc.

ASHLEY (18-25 Female )
Beautiful, sexy, but passionate, week side for nerds, down to earth, even how pretty and attractive she is, she is not stuckup or into herself

TODD (18-25 Male )
Ashley’s boyfriend, jock, cocky, too into himself, physically fit, thinks he can get any girl

PEGGY LYNCH (40-50 Female )
Steven’s mom, worried mother, very nice, welcomes everyone into her home. very warm hearted

STAN LYNCH (40-50 Male )
Steven;s dad, the cool dad, thinks he is hip with the younger crowd, funny

MRS. HORTENSE (30-50 Female )
Imaginary Friend Agency Boss- mean, controlling, yells alot, acts like a General

All kinds needed for ongoing series.

All kinds needed, and will have ongoing speaking roles.

Imaginary Friend Agency Office workers Some will have speaking roles Ongoing

wil have Imaginary Friends enter the real world extras mainly but some wil have speaking roles or reoccuring roles

Please send your headshots and location and number to
If you dont give us your number you will not be considered for an audition. Please let us know if your close to the Poconos or if you will be commuting from New Jersey or New York.
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Tyrone Cook

    I would love to work with you guys on this project. I really see where the concept of the series is going and would really love to be apart of your team to help bring the series to life. Thank you.


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