Casting Dogs and Dog Owners

By | March 22, 2013

Are you the owner of one (or more) out-of-control dogs?

Is your dog affecting your relationships, causing you drama, and compromising your life?


The casting team is currently seeking dog owners from a variety of backgrounds, with extraordinary circumstances, who are desperate for help!!!

***Are you about to lose your Job? Spouse? Apartment? This will be your last resort.***

SEEKING (but not limited to):
• DID WE ADOPT SATAN? – Was your family kind enough to rescue a dog(s), but the dog’s behavior is forcing you to consider giving it back and it’s causing conflict in the house?

• IT’S NOT A DOG, IT’S OUR BABY- Do you regret spoiling your dogs ROTTEN and have treated them like children… now your dogs are unmanageable, unruly, and untrained.

• DOGGIE DAYCARE/OBEDIENT SCHOOL REJECTS -Are you embarrassed that your dogs are so unruly they got the boot at doggie day care OR obedience school? Wish you could get them under control?

• PET FRIENDLY OFFICE BUT MY DOG IS BANNED- Are you fortunate enough to work for a company that allows their employees to bring in their pets but your dog is just too crazy to handle the office environment?

• APARTMENT BUILDING- Do you live in a pet friendly building but your dogs are: disturbing neighbors, peeing and pooping in wrong area, aggressive toward other dogs, destroying the common area… Management and tenants are at wits ends?! Do your neighbors also have out of control dogs and need a doggy intervention?

• OVERWEIGHT DOG- Do you and your dogs struggle with weight issues? Can you both use help in getting healthy?

• ACCESSORY DOG- You don’t treat your dog like a k-9; it’s the newest edition to the Fendi bag collection.

• ROOMMATES- Are your dogs driving your roommate(s) nuts? Is it to the point where it’s forcing them to move out if something doesn’t change leaving you stuck with the rent?

Are you ready for the ultimate doggy boot camp?

**SEND us your name, contact info, city & state, photos of you and dogs, and tell us your story!!**

Call (877)-44DOGGY