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Casting notice posted by the Writer/Director/Producer
Casting notice posted on, casting location: NYC
Looking for a ground-floor project to launch your acting career? New Indie writer/director is casting major roles for public script reading/performance in March/April 2011. Must also be available for two weekend rehearsals in February.

Casting for reading does not guarantee role for filming. Separate auditions will be held before principle photography begins (but if you’re selected for the reading performance, that means we really like your talent!)

Previous acting experience preferred. Professional attitude and reliability a must.

And no, we can’t promise pay at this time. This is not a money-making venture, it’s an art-making one. But one of the purposes of this reading is to attract interest and (possibly) funding, so perhaps there will be compensation available when shooting begins.
Each reader selected will also be required to read at least one other minor role

Available roles:
Lead: JESSE FINCH (Early-mid 30s) A lanky, gangly man with a drug habit and a twisted-but-firm personal code of ethics.
RYAN KELLEY (Early 30s) A plainclothes cop, average build.
GRACE KELLEY (LATE 20s) Ryan Kelley’s wife – average build/height.
MELANIE (MEL) FOSTER (Early-mid 30s) – Jesse’s older sister. Average build/height.
TOM FOSTER (Mid-late 30s) – Husband of Mel Foster. Husky, blue collar, no-nonsense guy.
CHLOE (Early-Mid 20s) – Jesse’s former girlfriend/drug addict. A twisted soul.
LUIS (Late 20s) – Two-bit hustler, drug addict. More animal than human. No morals, no conscience.
“TOENAIL” TOBY (Late 20s) Local fence and crack dealer.
S.L.T. (Scrawny Little Thing) (18-30) Fiesty techno-geek/errand-girl; girlfriend to Toenail.
MOTEL DESK CLERK (25-40) Small frame, wiry, defiant.
Type of Casting: Performance reading for film script
Paid? No
Submit Resume, headshot (and reel, if you have one) to:
Deadline: December 31, 2010

Casting Location: NYC
Contact email: