Casting moms who are huge “Twilight” fans or “twi-moms”

By | May 29, 2010

Is your mom wild about all things Twilight-related?
Are you a teenager with a mom who is a “Twi-mom?” Is she wild about all things Twilight-related to the point that it’s making you crazy? Does she meet, hang out and/or travel with other Twi-moms? Are you worried that her obsession with Twilight will end up embarrassing you? Or is Twilight a passionate obsession the two of you share?
If the answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions then we want to hear from you, whether you’re a big Twilight fan yourself or you just don’t understand the hype.
If this sounds like you and you are in high school in NY, NJ, CT, PA, or CA please send your story, your contact info and a photo (or video) of yourself to: