Casting “Moving Up”


Moving Up. Right Now! If you live in the New York or Tri-state area and are moving into a new home then you may qualify to be a part of Moving Up.

PLEASE READ APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! We must receive a complete application with photos and you only need to submit one time.

Are you selling your current home and in contract for a new one? Are you moving sometime between March and July of 2009? Are you outgoing and opinionated?
Do you have big plans to renovate the home you’re buying? Would you love to get free design advice from Moving Up host and Trading Spaces star Doug Wilson?
If you live in and are moving to a new house in the New York Tri-state area, please get your application to us right away!
To apply, email us directly at: (Emails that are unrelated to the show or are incomplete will be deleted.)
*In the subject line of your email, you must list the city and state you live in, and your name (i.e. New Rochelle, NY – Mary Jones).
*If selected, participants receive payment, free goods and services that can substantially help them in renovating and redecorating their new home, and free interior design advice from Doug Wilson.
*In the email, include your name, age, occupation, marital status, children if any, and your location. Also include your spouse or partner’s name, age, and occupation.
* Tell us where you are moving and the name of the person selling to you, as well as his/her address and work, home and cell phone numbers. Also tell us the name of the person buying from you, as well as his/her address and work, home and cell phone numbers. If you don’t have contact information for buyers and sellers themselves, include the contact information of their brokers instead.
* Tell us the name of your broker and his/her address, agency name, and work and cell phone numbers.
* Tell us why you are moving and describe your personality and the personality of your spouse or partner.
* Include up to ten photos of you, your partner, your children, the exterior of your home, and rooms inside your current home.
*Be sure to include all pertinent contact information, including phone numbers, emails, etc. We look forward to receiving your application!

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