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Auditions for “Practice What You Preach” a stage play. This is a Houston Casting call for theater.
Seeking African-American actors and actresses to fill 11 open roles.

It is the story of the Thompson family and how they go through life’s lessons through the lifes of the comedic patriarch Uncle Thomas.

Casting Breakdown:
Joy Lynn – (Aunt, late 50’s)
Hattie Mae – (Aunt, late 50’s)
Donnie – (Nephew, 18-22 years old)
Desiree – (Niece, late twenties)
Pastor Anthony B. Rich -( early 30’s)
James – (Friend of the family, late 50’s)
Felicia – (Friend of Desiree’s, late twenties)
Nicole – (Friend of Desiree’s late twenties)
Policeman – (late twenties or thirties)
J Dogg – (Gangster, early 30’s)
Barb Wire Barbie – (J Dogg’s sidekick, late twenties)

The date of the play is April 24-25 2010.

Here is the audition information:

Date: March 13, 2010
Place: Hennington-Alief Regional Library
Time: 3pm-6pm

**Actors should be prepared to do a cold read. Also, if you have a monologue it can be performed but it is not mandatory.**

If you would like to participate in the audition please contact us at 832-398-3866 or

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