Casting Sexy “Rocker Chicks”

By | December 15, 2010

Los Angeles Casting Call for TV Series

Do you love Rock N’ Roll?
Do guys in bands rock your world?
Have you gone to extremes to get into concerts, backstage or on the bus to hang out… or hook up…with your favorite Rock Star?
Iconic Casting is looking for sexy women who love rock music and live a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle for a new docu-series. We are casting individual women as well as groups of friends who party hard and rock even harder.
Email the following info to
Phone Number(s)
City, State(s)
What is/are your favorite Band/Musician
To what extremes have you gone to follow a band (ie – toured with the band, been to 100 shows, made out with security to get back stage, etc)
Tell us how you live a rock ‘n’ roll life style.
What bands/musicians have you met, hung out with, dated, hooked up with, etc.
ATTACH current photo

Must be 21+
Personality a must