Casting Teens | Student Film | Boston U

The script centers on Johnny and Saul, 2 rambunctious boys 14-16 years old. Johnny bullies Saul and pressures him to lose his virginity. Saul has an idealized love for Stacy who turns out to be something other than what he expected.
Looking for actors for the roles of:
Saul (14-16, dreamer who we sympathize with)
Johnny (14-16, bully/rambunctious type)
Brandon (16-18, semi-ghetto, pretty boy)
Stacy (14-16, love interest, pretty)
*Shooting: late March/early April
*Pairs or groups of friends are encouraged to audition together

Auditions are:
Thursday, Feb. 25th from 6-9 PM and Monday, March 1st from 7-9 PM at
Boston University
Psychology Building
64 Cummington Street
Boston, MA

Please e-mail resume, headshot, and when you would like to audition.
Emmett Adler at Boston University email

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