Casting “The Confab” Los Angeles

By | July 22, 2010

The Confab
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Burbank
I’m casting a low budget short film to be shot on HD for short film festivls, etc.

This is a lo/no budget project, so as an actor trying out for this 10 minute film your compensation would be the dreaded C & C (Copy and Credit).

The film is a dialog driven (because I don’t have the budget to blow anything up) character piece, so the two individuals involved will basically BE the whole movie.

The Confab is a dark humored, wicked little piece about an agent and their young client taking a meeting about the boy’s fading career and his last shot at a good job before he hits a growth spurt.

Trying to csst and shoot this by mid August (2010), in one 3-6 hour session at one location (in Burbank).

Theo/Thea- An agent, will cast this role male or female, late 20’s to early 60’s. A distracted type that nothing much gets to, as he/she has seen it all. Giving lip service and reality checks to his/her young client.

Packard Charles Hewitt- a 12 (going on 40) year old kid actor that has enjoyed some success when he was younger, now in the final three for consideration for a network series. He cusses like a sailor, drinks vodka from a flask, and has an extra LONG pinky finger nail. He has a mother who has wasted most of the money he made in his early career, and he’s starting to look too old to play kids anymore. He’s trying to figure out HOW to beat out his arch rival (through the years) Dickie Carver for this role on the series.

Casting Location: Burbank
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