Chicago Auditions for “Wishlist”

Casting a student film – Chicago IL

Casting notice posted on, casting location: Chicago IL
Hi, my name is Michelle Sandoval and I attend Columbia College, I saw your picture on Casting Resource-Columbia College Chicago and I’m wondering if your interested to do a short student film thats going to be shot next weekend. You would be playing Sandra

Were shooting this film on this Friday and maybe Saturday

Attached is the screenplay of Wishlist.

Logline: A boy with a big imagination wanders off from his mother when he sees a man that looks like Santa Clause.

SANDRA, 28, a casually dressed mother with a jacket on and her son NOAH, 6, wearing a puffy blue winter jacket goes grocery shopping. It’s Christmas time so the store is filled with Christmas cheer. As Sandra browses through the shelfs, Noah walks to the toy section and picks out a toy and shows it to his mom. Sandra glances at it but then immediately puts it away. Disappointed, Noah makes a puppy face the entire time till he spots NICK, 50 year old fat tall man. His mouth drops in surprise because he thinks it’s Santa Clause. He starts walking toward Nick and just stares at him as he day dreams that Santa and him are having a good time. As soon as Nick notices the boy, he looks around for his mother. As he looks for Sandra, Sandra notices Noah is gone and rushes to each isle to find Noah. As soon as Sandra spots him she scurries to Noah and hugs him. As Sandra drags Noah away, Noah keeps keeps his eye on Nick till he disappears. Christmas Day- Noah unwraps all the presents as Sandra sips on her cup of coffee. Noah gets all sad because the toy he wanted wasn’t there. But Noah spots a hidden present behind the tree, Sandra notices and gets confused. Noah opens it and it reveals the toy he wanted. He reads the tag that reads: To Noah From Santa.

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Casting Location: Chicago IL
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