Crew Needed

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Crew needed
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Lebanon, MO

I am currently doing a promotional video to promote the city of Lebanon and the talent we have here in Missouri to get more industry professionals in our state. I already have the company I work for in Texas (DeyStarr Unlimited)looking to expand here and we have to show them the talent we have to offer here in MO. I am in need of a camera crew. This is non paid but food will be provided. Must have own equipment and transportation. Once all positions are filled, we will set a shoot date that fits everyone. Trying to shoot in one day and I am open for ideas for shooting locations and different acts from the crew if they see something and get a good idea during shooting. This is going to be a comic relief video so it will be lots of fun. Please respond to if you want more info. I am looking for all crew so camera men/women, editor, sound, etc…Must be 18 or older and everyone involved will get a copy to add to their portfolio/reel and credit or course!

Casting Location: Lebanon, MO
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