Docu-series “Trains and ladders – enacting new tech”

By | June 9, 2010

Casting call – Salt Lake City
Trains and ladders – enacting new technology
“Hail unto new terrain & enter revolution”. show casting adult males.

Show Casting adult men, who love their hobby: model trains, locomotives and other steam powered transports. Do you have a huge collection of model trains? Do you live for your hobby? If so, we may be interested in filming you and hearing your story.

An interesting, new docu-series is in production and seeking unique guests.If your story is selected, there will be compensation.
Please email

Brand new Reality show is in production and casting will be held within the next few weeks. We are seeking people with interesting talent and skills.

Are you so flexible that you can twist, squirm and move your way out of any uncomfortable position?
Do others think you are quite unique in your ability to get in and out of tight spots?
Does your unique talent make others laugh out loud, squirm in disgust or bring tears to their eyes?
Do you believe you are the best at your talent, better than anyone you have seen before? Show the world how unique you really are.

If so, we would love to hear from you. Please email