Feature Film Drama – Casting Call

By | May 17, 2010

Auditionf for “Where I Begin”
Casting notice posted on auditionsfree.com, casting location: Nashville TN. and Lexington KY.


Feature Film Drama – Casting Call

Multi-Award winning filmmaker Thomas L. Phillips and T-Street Productions will be holding auditions for their latest feature film to be shot on location in Kentucky.

Info on Thomas and T-Street Productions can be found at the following two websites:

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1701136/
T-STREET PRODUCTIONS: http://www.tstreetfilms.com

Audition will be held in Lexington Kentucky and Nashville Tennessee in Mid-June.

Here is a brief synopsis of the film and character breakdowns. Please submit info, headshots and resumes to: tstreetfilms@gmail.com

After 10 years away, Jacob thought that returning to his hometown after high school may find him the closure he sought. But for those he left behind, the consequences of one fateful night have forever altered their lives. Haddy, who has spent her life in the shadow and whispers of her fathers sins, is the only one brave enough to reach out to him. When Jacob returns, his mother Connie, best friend Tyler and the girl he tragically left in his wake, Kristen, find their paths once again intertwined as they separately face old ghosts. For Haddy, their lives act as a mirror to her own buried needs. She must face up to the reality that the small town she once loved may not be her future while Jacob searches for a way home again.


27-32. Jacob has a small frame but looks All-American. Jacob is reserved but has deep emotions under the surface. Jacob has been away for over 10 years and is now returned to his home town with the awareness he is not wanted. Sympathetic character with possibly something to hide. He has more than a strained relationship with his mother, who has not spoken to or even seen in over ten years. He has came back to town for something, but he doesn’t even know what that something is.

She is in her mid-20’s. Average height and frame with average-to-pretty looks. She has an inner confidence and is a caretaker. When no one else will even talk to Jacob, she, in her laid-back manner, is friendly to him. She appears fearless, but something is always bothering her deep down inside. She has faced the stares and whispers like Jacob and Kristen, and has every reason to leave the small town, but something is holding her back.

27-32. He has bulk and is much larger than Jacob in height and mass. Tyler is an angry young man, drives a truck and is a drug dealer that treats women poorly. He is the brother of Kristen and will play a very physical role. He has been carrying around this tension and anger for over a decade now and has taken every wrong turn in life. He thinks that by exercising his anger from the past, that everything will be alright and that everyone involved could possibly move on.

26-32. She is confident and attractive and one of the few business owners in a dying town. She is the sister of Tyler and has a complicated history with Jacob and Jill. She would be considered a victim, if she would let you. She has moved on from her past, as she and Jacob are the only two that know the truth about the past. But could she be hiding something?

26-32. She has not aged as well as the others, but still holds onto her prettier youth but can be somewhat trashy looking. She is the psuedo-girlfriend of Tyler and friend of Kristen. She has questionable morals and is a drug addict. You would want to route for her, and believe that there is some hope and promise left in her, but can it find its way out.

50s. She was definitely beautiful in her youth but has lived hard and it is obvious on her face. She is the mother of Jacob. She is tired but still very strong headed. She made her choices 10 years ago, and has been living with the ever since that fateful night, but they are her decisions and she owns them.

40s. A “wise bartender” look. Patrick is a very moderate and calm character midst the chaos. He is the owner of the seedier restaurant in town, Patricks Pork N Pull. He is a voice of reason and a somewhat dry comedic relief. He understand how rumors in a small town can change ones life, but he never judges, cause he knows it is not his place to do so.

Casting Location: Nashville TN. and Lexington KY.
Contact email: tstreetfilms@gmail.com