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By | May 17, 2010

Audition posted by Artistic Director
Casting notice posted on, casting location: 353 Studios, 353 W48th St, NYC

Third Eye Theatre Company is casting AEA/non AEA Staged Reading of Michael Levesque’s disturbing and timely drama Transubstantiation, Directed by Andrew Glant-Linden.

If we are interested we call you for an audition for May 24th. Staged reading will be June 21st/2010 with 12 hours of rehearsal that week with travel reimbursement.
The year is 2002, long before the shameful cover up and discoveries of the Catholic Churches recent acknowledgment of the insidious attack on the children of this planet. A time that the Vatican announced this was purely an American phenomenon. Miguel, a 44 year old Cuban/American, has spent years struggling to come to terms with his own abuse by Father Caruso, a young handsome priest Miguel’s family supported and befriended upon their arrival in America, shortly after the mass exodus that Castro’s dictatorship created when he rose to power. Miguel has just recently discovered that the pedophile priest that single handedly destroyed his faith, and life, is still a priest and practicing in the Bronx, New York, a short subway ride from where he now resides with his loving partner, Jose. Transubstantiation is the moment when the priest holds the host above his head during the mass, and the bells ring, that the host becomes the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ. Transubstantiation is a play about the discovery of who and what we really are and all that we are capable of, as children of the Universe.
The entire play takes place in a Catholic church, with an ensemble of eight actors playing all the roles in Miguel’s life as the horrifying truth begins to be exposed and exorcised.(2010 ©)

Casting break-down

Young Miguel: Ages from 8-16, a young Cuban boy, smart, articulate, sensitive.

Adult Miguel: Ages from 25-45, a Cuban man, young Miguel grown up, very pained.

Ester/Reporter/ Lawyer: 30-50 female to play many roles and ages. Mainly Miguel’s mother, a little cold, but loving underneath.

Albi/Father Caruso (older end of Act 2)/a reporter/a priest/a tribunal/ an abused boy/a

lawyer: A male 40’s-60’s plays many roles but mainly Miguel’s father

Father Caruso(younger all of act 1)/ reporter/lawyer/ an abused boy/ tribunal/ : Male 30’s mainly plays Father Caruso in act 1 charming, charismatic and an abuser, plays a variety of ensemble roles in act 2

Sponsor/Miss Gomez/Mrs. Guzman/ Angie/ reporter/ lawyer: Female 30’s-40’s to play many ensemble roles.
Jorge/ Priest (act 1)/Priest #1 (act 2)/ Lawyer #5/ reporter/ Alex/ Waiter/tribunal/abused boy: Male 30’s-40’s to play a variety of ensemble roles.
Bishop (act 1)/Jose/Francesco: Male 40’s to play adult Miguel’s love interest in Act 2 and the Bishop in Act 1 can also be added in other scenes if needed IE reporter, lawyer etc….

Pictures and resumes can be sent via email to or mailed to TETC, One River Place #3306 NY, NY, 10036

Casting Location: 353 Studios, 353 W48th St, NYC
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