Independent Film Auditions | Austin

By | July 27, 2010

Auditions for “The Taiwan Oyster” – Austin Texas

Roles / Breackdown
Male / (in script 25)/ Caucasian / Simon was born and raised in Georgia. In search of an adventure, moved to Taiwan to teach English as a second language after graduating college. A wannabe short story writer, he is trying to decide if he wants to head back to the States or stay in Taiwan indefinitely. He’s an idealist with a bit of a drinking problem.

Male / (In script he’s 28)/ Caucasian / Darin was born and raised in Oklahoma. Small town handsome. Moved to Taiwan to teach ESL. Wannabe musician/artist/jack of all trades. He has decided he is a Taiwan lifer. He constantly tries to convince Simon that he too should make Taiwan a permanent home. A bit mischievous, he has no qualms with manipulating Simon for what Darin considers a greater good..

Female / (In script she’s 28)/ Taiwanese / Nikita is an underachiever (educated in the US) working in the Taipei morgue. She decides to aid Darin and Simon in their quixotic quest to add some romance and mystery to the stagnant state her life has been mired in.
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