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Casting notice posted on, casting location: Austin, Texas


An increasingly vicious hurricane season, political refugees, and the winds of social change threaten a previously timeless and idyllic life at Maxie’s Last Ditch Cafe.

Tony: Mafia dyke from New Jersey, owner of Maxie’s Last Ditch Café. Lovingly called
the Godfather of the Dykes by her friends. Controlling, compulsive, Italian background.
Age 50-60’s

Flo: Tony’s “right hand man”—working class dyke from the middle-west industrial belt, bumptious, bawdy, rough along the edges but a heart of gold. Somewhat uncomfortable with her subordinate position, but too easy going to be a good boss. Also 50-60’s.

Alix: Tony’s girlfriend, a refugee from an abusive marriage, probably from Westchester.
Femme, attractive, elegant and oh-so-lost. Age 30’s-40’s.

Jill: Tony’s ex, a broken down femme, manic depressive and chaotic. Age 50’s-60’s.

Adelle: Tony’s LDR (long distant relationship), a scrawny femme, southern salt of the earth, always see her as a redhead, lives in Georgia caretaking an ailing mom.

Gloria: Cuban-American femme, a sex tourist and vamp, journalist and politically engaged. Age 30-40’s.

Randolph Currier Ellison: Another elegant refugee, living off of Long-Island inherited wealth. Combo of Truman Capote, Salvador Dali and Mandrake the Magician. Impeccably groomed and high flown manners, always serene. Is he delusional or does he really see ghosts? Age 50-70’s.

Jason: An aging rentboy and drug addict , a little worse for the wear but still attractive
Age 30ish.

Barry: Itinerant Musician from Jamaica or Jamaica New York. Would prefer
person of color in this role, maybe even with dreadlocks.. Age 30-40.

Producer/Director, Marian Jones

There is pay

send resume and photo to: or 14504 Debba Dr. Austin Tx 78734

Auditions will be held mid October
February – 3 week performance Venue to be determined next week

Casting Location: Austin, Texas
Contact email:

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