MTV casting Extras | NY

By | August 20, 2010

Extras for series “I Just Want My Pants Back”

I Just Want My Pants Back is a new MTV series to be directed by Doug Liman, the man who brought you Go, Swingers, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and The Bourne Series and Central Casting is looking for you. We need people to be Extras who can portray Hipsters. If you are not sure if you can portray a hipster, answer these questions:

Do you own skinny jeans, old school chucks, cabbie hat, the 70’s vest, an ironic t shirt or hat, a fitted sweater, flannel shirt, or chunky lens-less glasses? Do you drink PBR, have an ironic mustache, have a blog that allows you to post pictures you took with your digital camera? Been called a hipster? Deny being a hipster, but own various wardrobe and sport an asymetrical hair style that is considered Non-Mainstream? Smoke Parliaments? Got any cool tattoos? Perhaps one of a star, maybe on your wrist or elbow? Own a vintage dress or have an awesome beard?

If you are interested in being part of this pilot, please send a current photo (candid shots are preferred) and contact information to . Shooting the week of 8/30/2010. Please note if you have any conflicts during this week.