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MTV show – Are you crazy in Love?

Tryout for New MTV reality show – seeking people who are CRAZY in love! Are you “crazy” in love? Are you crazy in love and want to share your story of ups and downs, fun times and awkward times? Do you cry when you think about your better half? Are you thinking about your significant […]

MTV casting new dating show pilot

MTV is looking to cast a new dating show about people with dating anxiety. Can you meet people online easily but have a hard time connecting face to face? A new MTV pilot may be looking for you! MTV casting directors are casting for the dating show in the New York / tri-State area. Do […]

MTV “Catfish” season 3

MTV’s “catfish” s now casting for the 2014 season! Are you in an online relationship that you have some doubt about? A catfish is a person who sets out to create an online relationship with a stranger but hides their real identity and uses fake pictures and information to get someone to go along with […]

MTV Tryouts – Do you love Bad Boys?

Casting calls reality shows – MTV Do you ever wonder why you’re so attracted to that “bad boy” image? Are you sick of hearing your friends talk poorly about your boyfriend? Have your parents begged you to break it off with your on again off again boyfriend for the thousandth time because they just don’t […]

Casting calls reality show “Friendzone” MTV

MTV tryouts for new reality show “Friendzone” You’ve been the shoulder to cry on, the voice on the other end of the phone, the first to comment on every facebook post, and the only one who REALLY understands. You think you’re perfect for each other, but there’s just one problem – You’re totally stuck in […]

MTV World of Jenks Casting Call

MTV’s World of Jenks is seeking single fathers! Do you appear between the ages of 18 and 25-years old? Are you raising a child entirely on your own? Do you have other challenges in your life you are juggling in addition to fatherhood? If this sounds like you, you might be perfect for the hit […]

MTV Real World Open Casting Call 2011

MTV’s Real Life is holding a series of open calls for season 26 of the reality show. Please see the audition schedule below Saturday, March 19, 2011 10:00AM-5:00PM Bengals Bar and Grill 227 South Sixth St. Columbia MO, 65201 Wednesday, March 23, 2011 10:00AM-5:00PM Toad’s Place 300 York St. New Haven CT, 06511 Wednesday, March […]

Casting MTV’s True Life

MTV – ‘High Maintenance Girlfriend’ casting notice posted by the Producer/Director Casting notice posted on, casting location: MTV Casting Calls TRUE LIFE: I HAVE A HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRLFRIEND Does your girlfriend totally dominate your relationship? Does she call all the shots while you just follow her lead? Are you at her beck and call all of […]

MTV Casting Call

Does your family make others say “Are they for real”? Do you have a family full of characters? If your family deserves their own sitcom, we are looking for you. MTV is looking for large families (2 or more siblings appearing to be between the ages of 10-25) who are quirky, open, fun-loving and a […]

Does your family belong on TV?

Do you have an awesome family? Are you crazier than the Kardashians, more out there than the Osbournes, or more delightful than the Dunphy’s? Does your family belong on TV? MTV wants to hear from you! No matter what your situation might be–nuclear, extended, or just plain BIG–we want to hear all about your unique […]

Do you look like a celebrity?

MTV tryouts New York Do you look, sound, or act like any famous celebrities? Are people always mistaking you for one of the Kardashians, Jonas Brothers, or Taylor Swift? A new reality show is casting celebrity look, sound, and act a-likes to star in a new game show. Must be between the ages of 18-25, […]