MTV World of Jenks


MTV is now casting people with unique lives for the second season of “World of Jenks”. Do you have a very unique and interesting life? Maybe Andrew Jenks can come walk a mile in your shoes.

Thanks to you World of Jenks was the highest rated premiere ever on MTV! We are very excited to consider your story for season two!

World of Jenks is a docu-series that captures Andrew Jenks, a documentary film maker, living with a stranger as he actively lives a completely different way of life from his own. He will walk the proverbial mile in someone else’s shoes – whether that someone else is a homeless person or a supermodel or anything in between. Andrew will explore their lives, interact with their family, hang with their friends and generally see the world from your perspective. We want to hear your story. And you never know, Andrew might live in your world next!

Were you born into a lifestyle that would not have been your choice?

Are you risking your own well being on a daily basis?

Are you currently working towards a goal/achievement of some kind?

Do you ever question the life path you’re currently on? What would you change? Why haven’t you made the change yet?

If you appear to be between the ages of 15-25 please email a brief paragraph that outlines your story to Remember to include your location, best way to contact you and why Jenks should document what is like to live in your world. We look forward to hearing from you!

* SOLDIER: Will you be returning from war in the near future? Are you preparing to go off to war? How has being in the military affected your life; family, friends, way of thinking?

* FEMALE BOXER: What is it like to be a female in the ring?

* RELIEF/RESCUE WORKER: Are you risking your life for a cause you believe in?

* ADDICTION/REHAB: Have you recently struggled with some form of addiction? Have your friends/family encouraged you to go to rehab?

* FEMALE RACECAR DRIVER: Are you a racecar driver? Tell us what it is like to live your lifestyle

* AMISH: Do you live a simple, technology free life? Have you ever thought about leaving? If you have left in the past, do you ever consider returning?

* SEX CHANGE: Do you identify as the opposite sex? Do you plan to have sex reassignment surgery? Tell us what it has been like to live your lifestyle, how do you wish you were viewed?

* TERMINAL ILLNESS: Have you recently been diagnosed with a terminal disease? Do you want to be viewed as more than someone who is sick? Share with us your hopes and dreams for the future. How has your diagnosis changed your life?

* PRISON/JUVIE: Are you currently serving time? Have you recently been sentenced to serve time?

* OLYMPIAN: Do you have dreams of being an Olympic athlete? What have you done to prepare for your goal? Is anything holding you back?

* UNIQUE FAMILY: Are you part of a family with an alternative lifestyle? Tell us how your family is different