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By | August 23, 2010

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Auditions “REACH FOR THE STARS- A new musical”
Casting notice posted on, casting location: Axelrod Performing Arts Center, 100 Grant Avenue, Deal Park, NJ 07723

Audition Notice – Axelrod Performing Arts Center, 100 Grant Avenue, Deal Park, NJ 07723
Contact: Teresa Staub, 732-531-9106 ext. 155

The Axelrod Performing Arts Center in Deal NJ is proud to announce auditions for “REACH FOR THE STARS- A new musical”. Directed by Larry Lowenstein, Music by Peter Nussbaum, Lyrics by Elizabeth Tuchfeld Weiss and Book by Carlo Durland. The musical concerns a group hopelessly devoted to a sci-fi series who in turn begin to lose contact with reality.Auditions will be held on August 25 at 7:30 pm at the Axelrod Performing Arts Center, 100 Grant Avenue, Deal Park, NJ . For more information log onto
Please provide picture and resume (if possible) and come prepared with musical theater ballad AND up-tempo selection
Performance dates are October 7th, 9th 10th and 14th, 16th and 17th.

Casting the following Roles:

JAMIE HYLAND -Twenties. Baritone/Tenor. A bit immature for his age, but good-hearted, sensitive, and energetic. Loves the Sci-Fi TV show “ODYSSEY”. In love with PIA DeROGATIS.
PIA DeROGATIS -Twenties. Beautiful, strong willed, quick-witted. Loves JAMIE HYLAND, hates “ODYSSEY”. Strong Belt.

MEL BATES – Late-twenties/Thirties. Tenor. Introspective and eccentric computer addict. Agoraphobic, with a fear/inability to deal with the other people. A walking almanac of “ODYSSEY” facts. Mega- Sci-Fi fan.

*COURTNEY KELLY – SEEKING EQUITY — Mid-fifties. Lonely housewife and mother. Dissatisfied with her life. Finds constant support through her fanatical devotion to “ODYSSEY” and its characters. A warm, vulnerable and loving person, yet determined to change her life.

*ANDRE BREWER – Mid-fifties.-SEEKING EQUITY- Egocentric actor. Played the lead in “ODYSSEY”. A has-been who will milk all the attention and money he can get from the franchise. Secretly despises his fans and his lot in life.

JOHN RENNER – Late twenties/early thirties. Bass/Baritone Outwardly the devoted husband. In actuality is the big macho type. Not what he seems. Has a lot to hide and for good reasons. A “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

MARSHA RENNER – Late twenties. A nice young woman who is a bit naïve. Somewhat of a goody-goody. Married to JOHN RENNER, and will do almost anything to please him. Must have great comic timing.

SHELANE PHELPS – Twenties- Forties. Large belt required. Ambitious corporate “yes person”. Show biz wheeler-dealer, in charge of the “ODYSSEY” franchise. Also plays several roles in ensemble.

BOB KELLY – Mid-Fifties. Frustrated husband of Courtney. Takes his wife for granted. Believes “ODYSSEY” is immature foolishness. Also plays several roles in the ensemble.

CHORUS 1- Female. Mid-twenties. Knockout. Portrays several roles. PRINCESS AURORA and LLANA, a groupie who dresses as the princess are key.

For more information email or call 732-531-9106 ext. 155.

Casting Location: Axelrod Performing Arts Center, 100 Grant Avenue, Deal Park, NJ 07723
Contact email: