Nationwide search for families and couples in need of a home-decor makeover


Major cable network is on a nation?wide search for families and couples in need of a home-decor makeover!!!

NOMINATE a close friend, family member or friendly neighbor who owns a home with a room or two begging for a design rescue!

Do they THINK they know how to decorate, but they really DON’T?
Do they have at least one room that could use a stylistic and refreshing change?
Do they have a room that has an overdone theme, or perhaps is just too flashy and a total eyesore?

If so, we are here to HELP!!! Our team of distinguished designers is coming to the RESCUE on this new light-hearted series. We will renovate living spaces that lack style and teach homeowners how to decorate!

To nominate a deserving candidate for a home?décor intervention, please submit the following info to:

1. Nominator Name:
2. Nominator Contact Info:
3. Nominator Email Address:
4. Nominee Name:
5. Nominee Contact Info:
6. Nominee Residing City and State:
7. Describe the area in the home that needs a design makeover.
8. Why is this family or couple a perfect candidate for a stylistic makeover? Describe their personality, family and anything unique about their situation.
9. Please attach photos, if possible.