NYC Auditions Student Film

Sweet Attempts
Casting notice posted on, casting location: The New York Film Academy, Union Square NYC
I’m a student working on a major short film project; thus it isn’t a paying job but capable of being a reel or festival entry.

Story is of a young woman who loves to make people happy and bakes for them. She is a lover of flowers and herbs as well thus she is very down to earth. She is usually so caught up in her world of flowers and baking that she doesn’t have any time or thoughts about relationships. One man happens to fall for her and constants pressures to go on a date with her. She always refuses due to fear of loosing interest in her world. He gets on her nerves so much that one day when he unexpectedly drops by, she makes him to a delivery for her. He gets so caught up with his thoughts about her that he drops the round box holding the cake and it rolls down a hit and goes through obstacles down a hill. He chases it, in extreme fear that he not only has destroyed the woman’s work but his chances in getting into a relationship with her.
The story ends with a winding surprise.

I require:

1 female- between the ages of 20 and 28
-basic talent required–>can be directed to bake cakes.

1 male – between the ages of 20 and 31
-capabilities–> run for a long period of time
-possible talents (opt) –> British accent

Locations of Shoot: Queens and and overnight shoot to west nyack.

Duration of Shoot: 4 days

Dates of shoot: January 6th-January 10th (may change)

Casting Time: between 7:30-9pm

Casting Location: The New York Film Academy, Union Square NYC
Contact email: