Open Call for Action Flick

By | April 29, 2010

There will be an open casting call tomorrow for an indie action / comedy film in the SF Bay area. Interested actors should read through the roles below and email their interests to the casting directors to get specific information regarding the part and the location of the open audition.

This is an unpaid gig, meals and a copy of the film on DVD will be provided, upon completion.

Description of the project:

Buck McMaan: American Sumo
A short (10-15 minute) action/comedy film about a sumo warrior who must save the city from evil ninjas. This film will be submitted into festivals.

The following roles are being cast:

Indian Male, age 50s – 60s: “Chief Sharif”, The Chief of Police. Speaks with a thick Indian accent. Unusually easygoing.
Swiss Male, age 30s – 50s: “Frankl Naft”, leader of the evil ninja clan. Speaks with a thick Swiss accent. Criminally Insane, yet childish and whimsical.
Asian Male, age 30s-50s: “Makoto”, Sumo Wrestler friend of main character who is tortured for information.
Female, age 20-30: “Patricia Flickock”, Buck’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. Sexy, but tough.
We also need several Asian Males, ages 20+ to play Buck’s sumo wrestler friends and ninja adversaries.

Please specify the date and time(s) that you would like to come and audition, as well as the role.

Friday, April 30 from 6:30 pm–8:30 pm and
Saturday, May 1 from 10:00 am-2 noon
Downtown San Francisco
Reply to Jessica Bonander at