Open Call for Body Builders, fitness models & bikini models

By | June 16, 2010

Open Call for Body Builders, fitness models & bikini models -Producers of the show have all trained at Gold’s Gym for over 10 years. We get it. The interviews will be run by doc filmmaker Chris Bell of Bigger Stronger Faster. The show is being produced by top notch people in the business. We need to put you on tape for about 10 minutes and will be picking 6-8 people to follow around for a docudrama series. Think of it as a new age Pumping Iron. You will be paid if you are cast in the show.

  • Male and Female bodybuilders (The Bigger, The Better and you don’t have to be competitive!!! Doctors, Lawyers, businessmen and women who just do it to stay in shape are welcome too),
  • Male and Female Fitness Models (The leaner, the better),
  • Hot Bikini Models (fitness type stuff, but Maxim girls who work out etc.),
  • Pro Wrestlers (If not under contract that prohibits you from doing this, independents are welcome),
  • Powerlifters (male and female, must be a top competitor)


WHERE: Gold’s Gym Venice (we will have a table outside, please do not bother the people who work at the gym, you’ll see us.)

TIME: We are running casting from 12-6pm – YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

Please email us at with just your name, phone number, and only one body picture. We will call you to set up a time. We’re running on tight 15 minute increments. If you can’t make a certain time, show up anyway and we’ll try to squeeze you in. Please bring headshots, resumes, or whatever you’d like to see with it.

If you already have been contacted for this, please just make sure you set up an appointment. This is going to be big, exciting, dramatic, and fun. Don’t miss out!!! This is the best exposure a bodybuilder could ever ask for. There will be major magazines shooting our auditions as well.