Reality TV Audition “Wedding Disasters”

By | April 23, 2010

It was supposed to be the BEST day of your life…but it turned out to be the WORST day of your life!

You had planned it down the to the LAST detail a thousand times in your mind – but NOTHING worked out right.

It was your wedding day – and it was an utter DISASTER!

Sound familiar?

If you can relate, and your wedding was TRULY a fiasco from start to finish – and you have video and pictures to tell the tale – we may be looking for YOU!!

A new reality wedding show is looking to help give people a SECOND CHANCE at their wedding day – that’s right, you’ll have the opportunity to get married all over again – and this time, hopefully it will get done the RIGHT way!

Please send your story and photos to Jason at

NOTE: We are looking for BIG stories, BIG personalities and you MUST have photos and video to accompany the story. Thanks!